Tinapple upstairs/downstairs polymer

When I told a friend that I wasn’t ready to share my studio work this week, she suggested I show my bedroom instead. I ran upstairs and snapped a few pictures of the polymer clay in my bedroom. No tidying, no photoshopping (ok, I omitted the chair that catches laundry).

I wake every morning to a collection of vibrant colors and patterns created by wonderful friends. Their stories inspire me and their friendships keep me going. Enjoy this peek at some of my inspirations.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    OMG, Cynthia, can I live at your house?! Not only do you have a terrific collection (terrifically displayed), but your whole house looks like it’s calling you to make more canes – Look at all those circles!

    Now, get back to work so we can see some more of your own stuff.

    • reply Sarajane Helm ,

      what a fabulous house! I love it. Always knew you had exquisite taste, thanks for the peek upstairs.

      • reply Erlinda Mersino ,

        What a wonderful way to wake up!!!! How creative, and beautiful. Thank you for a peek into your home!

        • reply Pascale -Tana'Calou - ,

          Now Cynthia, I know what I would like to offer you, if I meet you one time…Somthing with CIRCLE !! ;-))
          You have a very nice house…And with a lot of colors…It’s very pleasant.
          Have a nice day…And thank to share your home collections !

          • reply Jeannie ,

            What a beautiful way to wake up every morning. Beautiful home and thanks for a peek into your room.

            • reply Cynthia Becker ,

              I remember seeing all those polymer pieces when I visited you back in November but I didn’t have time to look closely. Thanks for posting the great pictures showing the detail.
              Cynthia Becker

              • reply Kimberly Arden ,

                Lindley, Lindley, Sarah, Elise, Pier, Lindley… It is nice to see such a stellar collection!

                I too surround myself with concentric circles- from my Fiestaware dishes to the fabric I choose to use in my booth. Everything in my world is colorful circles. I am told that circles signify family. Works for me!

                • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                  and Nan and Jana and Susan Hyde…

                  I’m SOOOOO jealous!

                  (And I covet your gorgeous walnut dresser. Just beautiful!)

                  • reply Elizabeth ,

                    Love the art that display makes. I’m so inspired! Thanks.

                    • reply Marlene Brady ,

                      WOW! I mean WOW with a capital “W”! I have already ordered the wooden stick pins; ingenious! Thank you. Your studio has such a warm, inviting, peaceful feeling to it. What a great space to create. Thank you so much for sharing.

                      • reply Sabine ,

                        It must be a treat waking up to this wonderful collection every day. Love the interior and the African pices too.

                        • reply Sera ,

                          How do you decide what to wear? So many choices – so little time 🙂

                          • reply Margaret LaRose ,

                            Wow. You can tell an artist lives here. Great display. My hubby is in the process of building me a jewelry rack in our bedroom where a window used to be that we took out. You’ve given me some great ideas!!!

                            • reply Veronica Ponzio ,

                              Your home is absolutely beautiful! What a great way to display your clay artwork! Everything is so neat and perfect…you would not want to see my work room!
                              You are an excellent inspiration.
                              Thank you so much for sharing.

                              • reply Christine Harris ,

                                thanks for sharing where you create! it looks great! my studio looks like the result of a combined thrift store craft store explosion–and not in a good way.

                                • reply Laura Lang ,

                                  I love these rooms with their circle motifs, colors and fabulous jewelry. It is fun to look at the PC pieces and guess the artist. This post is one of my favorites

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