Russell’s polymer/pmc combinations

Maryland’s Kelly Russell has resurfaced on the web with a new blog, Beadfuddled. If you’ve ever been skeptical about combining polymer clay and precious metal clay, Kelly will remove all doubts.

On her blog she prepares for workshops and works through problems and house renovations. She’s a fine craftsman and a fearless experimenter.

Kelly’s new at blogging so leave her a comment to let her know you’re watching.

  • reply Doreen ,

    Kelly’s work is amazing…just amazing! I saw her at a bead show and embarrassed myself by standing there drooling over her pieces. My husband finally had to pull me away.

    • reply Libby Mills ,

      Kelly’s work is really so wonderful. I find her work to be both elegant and playful, which is an unusual balance. She’s a great addition to the world of blogging, generously sharing her mixed-media explorations.

      • reply jana ,

        I had long admired Kelly’s work before I saw it IRL at Synergy last year where my reaction was much like Doreen’s….only I didn’t have a husband there to pull me away from my drooling :). Beautiful stuff, her work…pictures don’t do it justice!

        • reply Ponsawan ,

          I saw Kelly’s works at Bead&Buttons a few years back and kept going back to her booth, drooling all over her works. Not to mention about her pink hair color. She is fun to be around.

          • reply Jeannie ,

            Kelly I wasn’t able to leave a comment on your blog? Not sure why.
            But anyway, I love your work, it fancinates me. When I grow up I what to do that.

            • reply Kelly Russell ,

              WOW!! I come here everyday before I go to the studio and imagine my surprise at seeing my work!! Thank you so much for the review and to the ladies for all the nice comments. What a nice way to start the day!!! Kelly

              • reply Melanie West ,

                Kelly, your work really is terrific. I’m a big admirer of folks like you, who are willing to stretch themselves into new places. PMC and pc are a perfect match, for those willing to travel that road. Brava Kelly! Please don’t stop exploring!

                • reply jennifer / bumblesea ,

                  the pink pin is fantastic. I’m on my way to check out her other work now..

                  • reply Edith ,

                    Kelly, I had been searching every stores and websites for a double sided polyer clay cabochon that was designed by you in Lisa Kan’s book Bead Romantique. The name of the cabochon is a double sided maiden, and its size is 33x50mm. Can you please tell me how I buy this cabochon. Thanks.

                    • reply Kelly Russell ,

                      Hi Edith,
                      You can go to my blog and write a note to me telling me what you would like to have made. I do more than the lady in Lisa’s book. I did a blog spot on some in Oct with photos that you can blow up to look at and I still have some left. Hope to talk to you soon, Kelly

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