Lyrical polymer from Lombardi and Holler

Rome’s Marina Lombardi (Ali di Libellula) makes lyrical jewelry by pairing delicate polymer clay focal pieces with pearls, filigree, stones and crystals. She coaxes microspheres into just the right spots for hints of color and texture.

Her pieces are often photographed with a bit of reference material in the background – wallpapers, fresoes, illustrations. It’s very effective and there’s more on her Flickr site.

Marco Holler sometimes collaborates with Lombardi. The duo dressed up a swirl lentil bead by adding an image transfer and gold embellishment to produce these beautiful romantic Italian earrings. See more of their collaborations here.

It all puts me in mind of vineyards and villas and vacations. Have a great weekend.

  • reply Lynda Dunham-Watkins ,

    That is beautiful!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      OMG! You’re going to make my eyes bleed. Marina’s work is breathtaking. I was actually holding my breathe. Her lentil bead earrings are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

      • reply Pascale -Tana'Calou - ,

        very nice heart, with a lot of interesting details !

        • reply barbara ,

          J haved the honer to know marina and marco,they are very great artists! their creations are very originals and beautiful!

          • reply Fata Bislacca ,

            Grazie per avermi fatto conoscere questi due bravissimi artisti!
            Thanks! Cathy

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