Stokes’ Winterfair works

Ohio’s Grace Stokes‘ polymer clay work is featured on the promotions for our big Winterfair show in December. You’ll find her newest works, elegant combinations of metal clay and polymer, on her Crafthaus page.

Because group sites have made it so easy to upload photos, many artists are updating their profiles and adding new work to their page within the group instead of freshening their individual formal sites. The upside is that we’re seeing new works faster.

I count seven polymer artists in the show program. Looks like a good year.

  • reply Alenka ,

    Whau! Some amazing pieces of jewelery!

    • reply Susannah ,

      Her work is quite interesting. I am saddened to hear that artist seem to prefer the public glut of anonymity over the expression of their own personal focus. While I understand the attraction of immersing one’s work into the pool of public collection for the value of being stumbled upon I believe the lack of maintaining a personal site to showcase makes it more likely that they will not be able to achieve a following. It is the value of a one-man art show over I understand that creation a site is labor intensive but maintaining a site is not if the site is only a galley to showcase one’s own work.

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Regardless of where Grace displays her art, I love to look and admire the art work I see here everyday. It is Beautiful.

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