Fago’s polymer bangles

Celie Fago adds carved and textured metal rings, bands, and beads to her mokume gane polymer clay bangles. Can’t you just hear them jangling? Aren’t they exotic and just a little gypsy?

My 103-year-old aunt died recently and left me a beautiful bracelet whose links and charms tinkle and clink. I swear I can smell Aunt Mary’s perfume when I hear it clatter on my arm. Celie’s pieces are rich with sounds and stories.

  • reply Millie ,

    What an unusual design…fascinating! I plan to give polymer clay a try and appreciate your posts highlighting thes amazing works of art. I love these bangles!

    • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

      sorry for your loss, Cynthia. I remember the letter from Aunt Mary that you showed us in February. She was a special one and I know you will miss her.

      • reply Adri?e Avakian ,

        I love the free flow and the randomness of these bracelets. PC clay is so versatile.

        • reply Sheila ,

          Fago’s work is a favorite of mine. It is always beautiful.

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