Barbee shifts colors and studios

San Diego’s Meisha Barbee showed me her new polymer clay circle pendants in colors that are a bit brighter than her earlier palettes.

She sent along these Serenity pendants as well. She’s tweaked the colors while continuing her distinctive combinations of extrusions, canes and textures.

Meisha promised to rank “launch my website” high on her list of resolutions for 2010. In the meanwhile, you’ll have to settle for this link back to her earlier work. She sent along a couple of pix of her new sunny in-home studio as a bonus. It’s back to Ohio for us today.

  • reply Sherrie Brittig ,

    Fabulous–I love these new pendants!

    • reply jana ,

      Meisha and I had great fun trading this fall…I got a pair of her ‘serenity’ earrings in the deal…beautiful!! She’s a good one..

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Love her studio and her pendants. Great work. Good Luck with the website Meisha. It’s a never ending task.

        • reply Elizabeth ,

          Those are spectacular! Love blue and brown, never tire of that combination.

          • reply Loretta ,

            beautiful Meisha! But yes – really – we need to see more of your work. somehow, anyhow.

            • reply Camille ,

              I bought a pair of earrings when I was visiting San Diego. I would love it If Meisha sold her items on Etsy or a website. The color combinations are lovely.

              • reply Beverly Jane ,

                I love this lady’s works of art!!! Awesome things to drool over.

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