Breil’s texture tricks

Helen Breil takes using stamps and textures to a new level with her most recent polymer clay focal beads. She introduces surprises and layers colors to provide drama.

I often hesitate to use stamps because they feel static. Helen has overcome that shortcoming with a bag of tricks that makes me want to try again. Looking at her design idea gallery is like taking a workshop.

I’m composing this post from 30,000 ft. in between time zones. Tomorrow is all about jet lag and preparing for an evening class at California beaches provided a heap of pebble research and I’m pumped for the class. Join us.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    California haaaaaa, if only.

    Helen’s focal beads are sooooo beautiful and original, I’m mesmerized. Her site is so well put together, very professional.

    I’ll be with you in spirit at the class. Have fun.

    • reply Beverly Jane ,

      This woman’s art is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who need lots of help. (me).

      • reply Beth Schwartz ,

        Cynthia – Craftcast never responded to my question, so I’ll ask you. If I can’t take the class real time, can I take it later, and how?
        Thanks. You rock (pun intended). – Beth

        • reply Sabine ,

          Helen takes textured Polymer clay design to a new level. The work is so classy and so original. Love the website too. This post made my week – the work is so inspiring.

          • reply rebecca ,

            very interesting texture – pretty too!

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