Small polymer pleasures

Little things count at this time of year. I’m trying to finish my chores so that I can try something from my stash of miniature holiday polymer clay designs. Maybe you have time to play.

The teensy gingerbread house is from Israel’s Shay Aaron. The stocking earrings are from Croatia’s SandrArt. Both tree designs look jolly. The stacking ones are from Australia’s Amanda Hunt. The other one is California’s Kim Korringa’s. Little things sometimes bring big pleasure.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    OMG what treasure pleasures! I can’t take my eye off them. I wish I had time to play with clay.

    • reply Debby Roberts ,

      I am so jealous of you ladies who still have good eyesight and have hands that don’t shake. I can barely see such tiny things, but I will try a few tree earrings. That tiny house is beyond my capabilities. Fantastic work, all of you! Just keep claying.

      • reply Debbie Joy ,

        I love all these inspiring ideas. Makes me want to create. Thanks

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