Polymer color shifts

Let’s take a break from the red/green palette and traditional designs that surround us this season. Here are three lovely reminders from other areas of the color wheel.

Start with the deep rich palette Heather Powers used for her Garnet Kiss beads on the Art Bead Scene blog. Move to Jana Roberts Benzon‘s complex and bejeweled Enchanted Garden brooch, the latest of her dimensional jewelry creations. End with the colorful, abundant swirls on Vera Kleist’s (BeadingVera) rustic disc bracelet. They’re all refreshing to the eye.

  • reply Karen A. Scofield ,

    Gorgeous work. I love Heather Power’s tubular beads, Jana Roberts Benzon’s Zentangle-inspired beads and Vera Kleist’s verdigris disc beads.

    Mmmm, but I still love the red and green holiday pallete.

    • reply Jeannie ,

      Power House talent here. I know a lot of work went it these.
      I too love red and green.

      • reply jana ,

        Cynthia…thanks so much for the nod; I’m flattered that you chose to show my piece..

        Congratulations to Heather and Vera as well…their creations are beautiful as are their rich color choices..

        Have a peaceful and joy-filled holiday!

        • reply Heather Campbell ,

          Congratulations to three talented ladies!!! You inspire me.
          Jana, once again you blow me away. I love this piece!!!

          • reply Gail Whitehead ,

            Hi! Heather is a long time friend of mine, I recognize her work immediately.She makes awesome beads,etc.She is why I’m trying polymerclay,I was too busy with beads before.

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