Belcher and the first PCD giveaway

Belcher IPCA earrings

Judy Belcher reinterpreted the IPCA logo to make these totally cute polymer earrings. Look at the ad in the right hand column to see the logo.

The earrings are the first PCDaily giveaway! If you comment on this post, you could win Judy’s creations this Saturday and wear them at Synergy.

IPCA’s Synergy conference is only a month away. I’m working on an event at Synergy so that PCD readers can wear their work (I’ll post pictures) and greet their many online friends.

Let’s fill up those Synergy classes and don’t forget the hands-on events. You won’t find a more condensed gathering of master polymer artists than this. Now’s your chance.

Giveaways, events, social media….you might guess that I’m being coached by my savvy young daughter and niece, right? Here’s my reading assignment. I rarely promote non-polymer items but the book, How Not To Act Old, has me in stitches and is changing my behavior. You might enjoy the list.

  • reply Sandra Kugenieks ,

    Very nice job Judy! Cindy – I’ve never commented on your posts but I read them faithfully every day. Keep up the good work!

    • reply Nicki Piaget ,

      So love the earrings and Judy’s dvd is great too. Wish I could be at Synergy.

      • reply Shirley Guenther ,

        Such creativity and very welll done!!!!

        • reply Jennifer Patterson ,

          Although I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Synergy, I have a show booked that same weekend. It turns out I will only be about 2 hours away, in Hampton Virginia, selling my “Quilted in Clay” jewelry at a quilt show.

          • reply Heather Kenney ,

            Judy Judy Judy – When I grow up I want my work to be half as amazing as yours. I treasure my Judy Belcher earrings.

            • reply Katina ,

              Great interpretation of the IPCA Logo!

              • reply Melanie Eskoff ,

                You are all such a source of inspiration. Polymer Clay is way too much fun. Thanks so much.

                • reply Cindy ,

                  wonderful earrings!

                  • reply ,

                    Hey! What a great idea on making earrings, not too difficult and yet very pretty!

                    • reply Teresa Gustafson ,

                      These earrings are fun! Thanks for sharing.

                      • reply Denise Graham ,

                        Ahhhh, they are great Judy. I want to be the lucky winner!

                        • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

                          Judy, You are so cute and you’re always thinking. Great earrings!

                          • reply cher ,

                            such cute ones! love em! congrads to the winner!

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