Ford/Forlano add blog

Ford/Forlano hole punch polymer pin

The Ford/Forlano duo have added a blog to their newly renovated website just in time for their Synergy presentation and the opening of their show at Snyderman-Works Galleries in Philadelphia.

The show features the new jewelry and print/painting collaborations of the Steven Ford and David Forlano who carry on a back and forth dialog between Santa Fe and Philadelphia.

Ford/Forlano Calder-inspired polymer pin

Steve says that he’s, “…excited about what’s happening with our print/painting collaborations. And some of that imagery is coming back into the clay work as well.” Read the story of how the new line of pins began with a mistake.

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  • reply Melanie West ,

    Wonderful new design Steven and David. And I really appreciate your “happy mistake” blog post… a good reminder to let go of fixed ideas of how things “should” be. Both in art and life. In fact, your post has inspired me to go back to a couple of “failures” and look at them differently. Thanks!

    • reply AbracadabrA ,

      Crazy and fantastic !!!

      • reply Lisa ,

        Love, love, love their work!!

        • reply Genevieve ,

          I’m encouraged and inspired by hearing the story behind designs – theirs will be an interesting blog to follow!

          • reply Louise ,

            I am a fan since I discovered polymer clay so a blog is a plus for me. Seeing the behind the scenes is great. It helps me to accept what I go through sometimes.

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