Sanders polymer/digital mixed media

Mixed media enthusiast Pam Sanders got an idea from Tish Collins (via PCDaily, yay). As Pam looked at Tish’s work she was, “…very impressed by her use of her artwork in with her polymer clay work. I thought …DUH…why don’t I do that?”

Sanders polymer/digital brooch

Pam began bringing transfers of her own digital art to her polymer pieces and you can see how the move enriched her style. Pam’s polymer images also show up in her digital work, a nice yin and yang balance that makes a strong personal statement.

There’s been lots of talk about collaboration lately and maybe it’s time we started collaborating with ourselves, integrating other areas of our lives into our polymer art.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Both artists are exceptional. I love Pam’s starry night pendant

    • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

      Photo transfers are one of the wonders of polymer clay. I’ve been a portrait artist for years (mostly children) and have only recently been experimenting with putting the drawings I’ve created onto polymer beads and pendants – but what I wonderful design idea! Art is so personal and to put it on something you can wear – the possibilities are endless. These artists are masters! The way they mix their different medias is stunning.

      • reply Pam ,

        Thank you again for featuring my work. This is so awesome….

        • reply Susan O'Neill ,

          What great mixes, Pam! I think that as polymer artists, we are never actually idea challenged – I believe that there are just so many possibilities that we don’t know which path to follow next!

          • reply Kerin Gale ,

            I love the direction Pam’s art is taking. Her work has always been so interesting and unique. Just fabulous!!!

            • reply Michelle ,

              We mixed media artists who aren’t “traditional” polymer clay artists are glad to see features like these! Incorporating polymer clay with other forms of art presents interesting challenges; it’s nice to see some featured here. More! More! Please?

              • reply Christina ,

                I have yet to master polymer transfers, but I would really like to. I’d love to see some of my art on polymer pendants and charms…perhaps I should give it another go!

                • reply Donna ,

                  I am so in love with the combinations of her art and clay. I work with other artists, using their original artwork as transfers for pendants and beaded necklaces, and am hesitant to alter/distort the images since it isn’t my painting/photo composition. I add design to the backs and edges, but would love to do more daring combinations like these. They are wonderful!

                  • reply Tina Wade - African Motif ,

                    Congratulations Pam! Your work is fabulous as usual !

                    • reply Tish Collins ,

                      Wanted to say thank you to Pam and Cynthia for the compliments. I always struggle with “how to Balance everything I want to create”. Nice to see possiblilities for those who enjoy it all!

                      • reply ,

                        These looks both nice and a little but scary! 🙂

                        • reply Meisha Barbee ,

                          I love the Artful use of the medium…these are very beautiful.

                          • reply Pati Bannister ,

                            I really love what both of these artists have done and had the same thought(s). Just haven’t gotten there yet…. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy and appreciate Sanders and Collins and PCD !

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