Polymer dipped fabrics from O’Neill

O'Neill's liquid polymer dipped gauze cuff

Susan O’Neill (11BoldStreet) brings us a Friday smack-your-forehead moment with her bracelet made of liquid-polymer-soaked fabric wrapped around a faux stone.

O'Neill's liquid clay cuff on model

O’Neill tinted white gauze with alcohol inks, dipped the gauze in liquid polymer clay, shaped it around a form and baked it. Brilliant!

Check her Etsy and Flickr sites for more views of her creations. Thanks to Doreen Willey for tipping us off to this technique that will keep us thinking all weekend.

  • reply Pippa Chandler ,

    Congratulations Susan – I was just looking at that gorgeous cuff of hers yesterday and thinking how fantastic it is, and today I see it on here! Susan’s work is so innovative. Wonderful!

    • reply Libby Mills ,

      What a great idea! And a beautiful cuff.

      • reply Cindy Matthews ,

        Very innovative, and her faux stone is lovely too – on this and other pieces. Great work, Susan!


        • reply Melanie West ,

          Brilliant is right! Brava Susan!! Just when you start thinking uses for polymer have reached saturation point, along comes some brilliant woman with another fantastic idea. Wow! Don’t stop now, Susan. You are really on to something here. 🙂

          • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

            Susan’s designs are wonderful and innovative. Congratz, Susan! Your work is always an inspiration!

            • reply Jeannie ,

              Brillant and clever

              • reply Lisa Mackin ,

                What an incredible idea – very inventive. I love learning about new techniques and the artists behind them – great job!

                • reply Lynda Dunham-Watkins ,

                  What a fantastic idea!

                  • reply marcia ,

                    I love all of Susan’s work, but these gauze bracelets are my favorite! Lovin’ it!

                    • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                      Wow! Thanks, Cynthia for the feature and Ladies for all the wonderful sentiments! I had just looked out the window and said, “…great, no sunshine again today…”, then I saw this! Brightened my day immediately 🙂

                      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                        ..as in repeatedly smacking my head—this opens up a whole new world. And thanks so much for the tip toward Doreen–just finsihed looking over her work and it is simply gorgeous.

                        • reply Lynda Moseley ,

                          Bold and innovative, that’s our Susan! I could not be more proud of my fellow PCAGOE guild member! Is this stunning, or what? Congratulations, my friend. Awesome work!

                          • reply Gaina ,

                            I am constantly finding ideas on this blog that boggle my mind – it’s wonderful!! 😀 Any chance of a tutorial on this?

                            1lb of super sculpey and liquid FIMO arrived for me yesterday. I have a collection of embossing powders and mulberry papers so I am going to have fun playing this weekend! 😉

                            • reply revonav ,

                              Such a clever idea! Great work!

                              • reply VAharoni ,

                                Anyone remember Jody Bishel’s work with fabric and liquid Sculpey?

                                • reply linda riopel ,

                                  Susan is a true artist and deserves all the recognition she has received. She continually dazzles us at the PCAGOE with her innovative style. Great work Susan!

                                  • reply Becky Acosta ,

                                    Re: tutorials — Ann & Karen Mitchell (Ankara Designs) had a couple projects on the Carol Duvall Show using liquid polymer-infused fabric. I believe there was a project or two in their Liquid Polymer Clay book as well.

                                    • reply Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor ,

                                      Oh geez that is so annoying… I’ve been working on almost the same darn thing myself in my secret lab… Only I used dryer sheets, liquid polymer clay and ink. I cut the clay fabric into flowers or embedded strips into clay. Hadn’t ironed out the kinks yet so hadn’t talked about it on my blog. Sometimes it is like ideas get flying around the Universe and a bunch of people tune into them at the same time! I just love what you did with the concept Susan! Very, very cool!Makes me want to get back into the lab!

                                      • reply Laurel Steven ,

                                        Congratulations, Susan! Thanks for featuring her, Cynthia – her work is really quite stunning!

                                        • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                                          Your secret is still safe, Cindy – I don’t generally do flowers. Also, I like the dryer sheets – not only would they lend some body to the piece, but the smell would cover up the liquid polymer stench during curing 😉

                                          • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                                            Yes, I love (and own) the Mitchell’s book, and it was invaluable for further insight into this technique. They tackle bigger pieces (like vests!) than I am prepared to even attempt. I made the precursors to these bracelets over a decade ago, dipping muslin, then cheesecloth into 2-part polymer coatings, like the stuff poured thick onto wood bar tops. LPC is much lighter, with easier cleanup and not as stiff (although I don’t know how well it will repel a spilled beer…)

                                            • reply Polly Dobbs ,

                                              Boldstreet is the perfect name for Susan’s shop. The things she makes just make such a statement. I love her fearlessness when it comes to design and color. Well deserved kuddos, Susan! Gratz!

                                              • reply Enkhe ,

                                                That is cool! I’ve tried liquid clay with crocheted bead and couldn’t achieve what I expected. But fabric is a very good idea!
                                                The bracelet is stunning! Bravo!

                                                • reply Anita Brandon ,

                                                  WOW, what innovative and wonderful work. A treat to see.

                                                  • reply byZarah.com ,

                                                    That is such a cool cuff! Looks like something from ancient times 🙂

                                                    • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                                                      This is way Cool…hopefully you submitted this piece to Polymer Cafe for their Liquid Polymer Clay Challenge…listed in the lastest issue…I believe the deadline is sometime this month…the winner is to be announced in the July issue…if you haven’t you should…what an innovation…keep up the good work…hope to see you a t Synergy II…

                                                      • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                                                        Cindy…I look forward to your postings daily…I’ve been meaning to say THANK YOU…THANK YOU…for what you give to the Polymer Clay Community at large…YOU’RE THE BEST THING SINCE CAROL DUVAL…I sincerely appreciate your efforts…Do you sleep with your computer??? Wherever do you find the time to do what you do???

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