Forcing spring flowers

Zuda Gay's polymer sculpted flowers

Zuda Gay’s layered polymer flowers are about as close to spring as I’m able to get. Her sculpted cane slices and juicy colors are right on target.

Dahlias and sunflowers are her specialty and you can see an entire polymer garden on her Flickr pages.

Zuda shares a quick tutorial on her site if, like me, you can’t wait for spring. We seem to have brought the Ohio snow with us to Arizona.

  • reply Lisa Mackin ,

    Very pretty! Love the colors and the way they look in a group.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      What a gorgeous garden Zuda has created! Her lovely flowers makes me yearn for spring instead of Arizona snow.
      Zuda: Thanks for the tute!

      • reply divadea ,

        She’s amazing! I’ve been admiring her flowers for ages. Woohoo for zudagay and springtime!

        • reply Trina Williams ,

          OMG makes that flower class that Joann’s wants me to teach look like kindergarten!

          • reply Jeannie ,

            I looked at her flickr pages and I think it’s safe to say she likes flowers. It makes me want spring to be here. Her work is beautifully detailed with colors that would inspire nature.

            • reply Emily Miller ,

              Checked out Zuda’s flickr site. Really great flowers and some with vintage buttons for centers. Great idea!

              • reply Cheryl ,

                Really nice, I like to make flowers too. I think there are a lot of people who are more than ready for Spring!

                • reply Zuda Gay Pease ,

                  Thank you so much for the PCD feature!! I am so honored! I was wondering why so many people were visiting my Flickr photos. 🙂 Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I appreciate them so very much.

                  • reply Julie Gazin ,

                    Yay for our Zuda! She sure does beautiful work!

                    • reply Joan Linenbroker ,

                      I love Zuda’s beautiful flowers.

                      • reply kimbuktu ,

                        Love Zuda’s work! And you have a very nice site.

                        • reply Joni Stinson ,

                          Zuda, congratulations for this feature. Your work is well deserving of recognition. I have been a an avid admirer for several years. Keep up the good work!

                          • reply Heidi oosterhof ,

                            Beautyful flowers and surprising use of color.
                            I also loved the tutorial.

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