Crisp and starched from France

MissTyc's dots, stripes and textures

These dots, stripes and colors from France’s MissTyc have a crisp, starched, freshness about them and we’ve never featured her before (her real name’s a mystery).

MissTyc’s newest work seems to be on her Facebook album and you can find her on Flickr too. On her website she offers a sweet little spring dotted flower cane tutorial (based on Desiree McCrorey’s Spotted Langloisi).

MissTyc's bangle

Crisp and starched is not my mode this week. I’m waiting for my children to meet up with us for a family spring break. Shifting into vacation mode has been a slow and pleasurable process. Stay tuned.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    Her inspired use of color is astonishing. Coupled with what appears to be superb craftsmanship, it’s a real treat.

    • reply Créa'Sofimo ,

      Nathalie (MYSS TIC’S) has a lot of talent and knows perfectly how to associate colors and forms, it is always a real pleasure to discover tonic and sparkling creations.
      I am very satisfied for her that she is put here in the honor

      • reply Genevieve ,

        The necklace is so well balanced! Its easy to over-do (or under-do) when using multiple colors and patterns but she’s got it just right in my opinion.

        • reply Absinthe ,

          Bravo !!
          De beaux colliers pleins de pep’s !!!

          • reply Anita Brandon ,

            Lovely combo of textures, shapes, and colours created with masterful technique and sense of balance.

            • reply Amanda Davies ,

              Wonderful work! I enjoyed looking at her pics for the tutorial as well… the pictures themselves explain well how to do it, but I clicked on the Goggle translate button and had such a fun time seeing how Google interpreted her French polymer instructions into English! My fave translated line:
              “Here is the final result, a beautiful pudding quite regular.” Hardly! 🙂

              • reply Melanie West ,

                Wow! You’re right, Cynthia! Crisp is a great work for Nathalie’s work. Definitely wakes the eyeballs up and gets me thinking about spring (which seems to be arriving way too early here in Maine!). Brava Nathalie, I’m enjoying your work! Keep on exploring and playing!

                • reply Meisha Barbee ,

                  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this piece and others on her Facebook page. So Fresh, So Exciting! Fantastic Color and Design compositions and beautiful craftsmanship.
                  The Bracelets are amazing. As Melanie said…Nathalie’s work definitely says Spring is here.

                  • reply Dede Leupold ,

                    What a inspiring discovery! Her bracelets remind me of batik fabric which I love.

                    • reply Sylvie Peraud ,

                      Nathalie has a real talent and it is great to see her work featured here. She has a real freshness in her use of colors that makes you feel spring is here!!!

                      • reply AbracadabrA ,

                        Bravo ! J’adore tes créations Miss Tyc, c’est une belle reconnaissance d’être ici sur PCD !!!

                        Bravo! I love your creations Miss Tyc it’s a nice recognition to be here on PCD !

                        • reply Andreea D ,

                          Great colours..great it.

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