Glass and polymer from Harris

Cheryl Harris' collaborative piece

Cheryl Harris teamed up with glass artist Margaret Zinser to create this luscious necklace. The Sedona colors caught my fancy today.

Cheryl now creates her own dichroic pieces which she calls PolyDichroFusion pendants. She wraps the glass with polymer leaves and pairs them with companion beads. See her newest versions on her Flickr site and her Etsy gallery.

Hiking trips have cut short my computer time. The petroglyphs we saw today will surely show up in my work. We’ll be sitting down for studio time soon.

  • reply Lisa Mackin ,

    Beautiful colors and design. I’m into those very busy pieces myself. They are just so much fun to make and to look at. I love the idea of combining the polymer with the glass, luxurious!

    • reply alenka ,

      Thank you for today’s post! I very much enjoyed browsing through her galleries, along with colorful hawks and beach beads.Very refreshing and beautiful creations!

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Her etsy shop is full of interesting pendants. Love all the hearts.

        • reply Melinda Hayes ,

          Love the colors and abundance.

          • reply Cheryl ,

            Thanks so much for featuring my work, Cynthia! Margaret has seen this necklace and she loved it. What was really great was that I didn’t have to make any canes to match the bead; I already had all those colors in my stash and didn’t even realize it!

            • reply Cara ,

              I love glass and I love polymer clay, the 2 together works really well. Thank you for introducing me to her work.

              • reply Daily Muse ,

                Thank you for bringing this artist to light, she does some amazing work !

                • reply Dede Leupold ,

                  Polymer clay is such an amazing medium! It can be made to go along with just about anything and this is a great example! Thanks for showing us Cheryl’s work!

                  • reply Margaret ,

                    Yes, I LOVE this necklace- I was speechless when Cheryl showed me after finishing it! That’s one of the things I love so much about making beads- I make parts… so there’s an instant collaboration with my customer, and so often (and especially in this case) the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts! Thanks for posting, and for reminding me about this great necklace.

                    • reply TonkArt studio ,

                      Really beautiful necklace!

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