Thomas thinks outside the box

Thomas' polymer button flowers

These polymer flowers with antique button centers were made by California’s Maureen Thomas for an “Outside the Box” show at PlacerArts center. She chronicles the progress of her project on her blog.

The flowers look so much like metal that I could hardly believe my eyes. Maureen gives a big hint about the technique she used in her blog post here. Clever girl.

Thanks to Randee Ketzel for bringing us the link.

Oops….I timed the post for the wrong time zone. I’m an April fool.

  • reply Alisa R. ,

    Oooo… talented AND clever! Those are delectable!

    • reply LaLa ,

      I started freaking out when I logged on this morning and saw yesterday’s post still hanging out at the top of your blog. I was confused and had to refresh my screen several times before coming to terms with the fact that there was no new post for the day.

      I went on with my work day with the feeling that something was missing in my life. All of the coffee in the world could not motivate me to smile.

      I was so relieved when I popped back over and saw my friend Maureen at the top of your page. Isn’t she marvelous??? Yeah, I know, it’s really hard to hang around in her shadows. Thanks for making me smile!

      • reply Linda Roberts ,

        Very awesome!

        • reply Maureen Thomas ,

          LaLa, how do you survive the weekends (grin)?

          I’ve been wanting to submit an article for publication and perhaps this would be a good project for me to start with. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and encouragement!

          • reply Alison Gallant ,

            Very clever and beautiful colours, Maureen!

            • reply Jeannie ,

              I’m curious to see the other artists work. I can’t believe how much the flowers look like metal.

              • reply jana ,

                These are really amazing, Maureen….beautiful and so convincingly “metal”!

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