Abrams’ forced blooms

Abrams spring 2010 necklace

Preparing for a show and an online teaching gig forced Lauren Abrams to try new polymer clay designs. “It’s always fun to have a show to do, it gives me motivation to create work I might not otherwise,” she says. Take a look here and here.

My husband and I are blasting eastward across the country (I’m posting this from a motel in Kansas). Can’t wait to give up road food and get back to my own routine. Funny, the things a vacation forces you to appreciate.

  • reply Jacqueline Fouche ,

    You know, you never cease to surprise me with the beautiful, interesting work you feature every day. And that while you’re on the road!


    • reply Jeannie ,

      This is quite unique. I love all the color and like the necklace on her blog with the painting transfer. Check it out.

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        OMG what gorgeous work comes from your oh so talented hands! Hope the Orlando show gets you lots of exposure and I know that your association with CraftEdu is going to produce a lot of excited students.

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