Arden’s bittersweet journey

Kim Arden's solo show

Kim Arden’s current solo polymer show at 20 North Gallery in Toledo, Ohio gives us another example of “forced” creativity. “Adorning Glory” is the gallery’s first all-jewelry show.

Kim explains that, “Making work for this show has been a wonderful yet bittersweet journey. I recently lost my mother, my greatest fan and critic. In creating these new pieces, I was able to get away from the heartbreak and emerge a little stronger each day. Mom would have been proud of this new body of work and surely would have picked out a few pieces for herself!”

Kim’s bold works are featured within gold picture frames hung at eye level throughout the gallery. It’s a simple and effective exhibit technique that leads viewers comfortably through the show. The gallery’s web site gives you a 3D view of the show and Kim’s latest works can be seen more closely on her revamped website.

  • reply laurie ,

    An amazing body of work!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      I looked through all Kim’s gallery work and I’m swooning. I love the green olive necklace and the one with the cow, “incownito” How fun! She is very talented!

      • reply Susan O'Neill ,

        I’M IN TOLEDO!!! Got to go!!!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          What truly beautiful work that takes the breath away. Such an incredible eye, creativity, and technical skill. The gallery pieces are marvelous and the display set up, itself, is appropriately awesome.

          • reply Alita Porter ,

            Beautiful colours and textures!

            • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

              Kim’s work is music for my heart. I so love the way she has used multiple very different beads in a harmonious scheme of colours and shape. The pieces ask the viewer to zoom in and study each bead, both visually and by feeling texture and weight. Fabulous uplifting and inspiring work – I hope that the blossoming of such wonderful work will be help the healing process and be a welcome distraction from the pain of grief.

              • reply Joni White Coats ,

                Kim Arden never ceases to amaze with her talent!

                • reply pat bolgar ,

                  Wow Kim, that is a very impressive exhibition. I’m so happy for you.

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