Cassy Muronaka's polymer cane

Nothing better to entertain you than a good story while I hit the road back to Ohio. And there’s nobody better at giving us a story and a chuckle than Cassy Muronaka (that’s her brooch at the left) on her Sometimes Daily, Always Random blog.

She shares her craft store closing sale adventures in hilarious detail. Her suburban haikus are a hoot. Often her photos speak for themselves. Cassy is that lovely combination of wry humorist and crazy neighbor whose writing makes her a dear friend. Look at all the publications she’s been in!

On top of all that, she makes a mean cane. She’s a perfect road trip companion. Enjoy.

Note: The “Readers’ Links” page has duplicates and weird stuff going on. I’ll just keep slamming your sites up until I get home to tidy things. Bear with me.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Very amusing stories, I really enjoyed reading them.
    I’m always disappointed at “going out of business.” sales. I never bother to check them out anymore.

    • reply jana ,

      I love Cassie’s work, and *think* this featured brooch is one I was drooling over at Sandy Camp in October. Didn’t have time to read much of her blog this morning, but will visit when I’ve time – it looks like a delightful and witty read…

      • reply Dede Leupold ,

        What a talented woman! Amazing work and delightful blog.

        • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

          Cynthia, thank you so much! I’m so flattered. Believe me, now that I’ve got a cellphone with internet access, this site always accompanies me on roadtrips, too.

          • reply AbracadabrA ,

            Beautiful, psychedelic and meticulous !!! I’m admirative… thank for the link…

            • reply Trina Williams ,

              And she is the President of the fabled Orange County (CA) Polymer Clay Guild.

              • reply I am the object of my affection « Sometimes Daily, Always Random ,

                […] one could have been more surprised on Friday to see the highly flattering remarks she made about this blog and my own work in polymer clay. And when you view the jewelry and […]

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