Polymer accumulation

Rachel Rader's blue lagoon mixed media bracelet

Fancy Gallery’s “Accumulation” exhibit features Seattle-based emerging jewelry artists who break the mold of what is expected. Rachel Rader and Dixie Darling both mix their media into magpie-like nests of beads and use polymer clay shapes to supplement color and vary shapes.

Dixie Darling's embroidered polymer and fiber pendant

Says Dixie Darling, “I take pleasure in the process of figuring out new techniques and translating them into a language of my own.” She sorts and arranges her finds, “…in order to stitch together the past and the present into these objects of my fictional world of beauty and borderline kitsch.” She embroidered and assembled the pendant at the right.

Influenced by The Little Mermaid, Rachel Rader’s pieces are heavily encrusted with jewels and drip with sea life from her fanciful Mermaid Empire. Her Blue Lagoon bracelet is shown here.

  • reply Melinda Hayes ,

    Those are cool bracelets. I love a lot of bling.

    • reply Melanie ,

      Very Unusual….love the calmness I feel by the colors…Beautiful Work!… 🙂

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Her jewelry are works of art.

        • reply Kate ,

          I love the intricacy as well as color choices. Also, in a side note, I LOVE your blog. You do such a great job of posting informative, interesting and succinct posts. Thank you!

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