Big bangles at Arrowmont

  • reply Bettina ,

    wow – this is really big. I would like to see a bigger picture of it..*lol*
    Great work Seth: Although I never could wear such a big piece – I love this necklace.

    • reply Betsy ,

      I’ve taken two workshops with Seth and both helped me immensely. Seth’s classes teach how to balance the process with the vision. To take an idea, engineer it, re-engineer it, work it and re-work it until you get it right. I also love the way something will occur to Seth in the middle of a demo and the class then explores it together. Regardless of the scale you work in, you’ll come away with improved technique and new ways of approaching your work.

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        I love Seth and his creativity, but I really hate that necklace! Wow! It looks like an alien monster about to consume the wearer! The scale really bothers me… Maybe if the forms were flatter??

        • reply Jeannie ,

          That is truly a work of art. I just want to get my hands on it.

          • reply jan montarsi ,

            I love the really big pieces its a much bigger canvas to display on
            (and saves a lot of cane reducing). When I see the larger than life pieces I think ART and Museum vs crafty trinket.

            I see it as, the model while wearing white, is just a display stand
            for the piece of art work and the large unexpected size for a necklace
            just increases the power of the statement of the piece. Had the piece been normal in size on the same model it would still be striking and attention getting
            but the scale crosses it into the art realm.
            I hope i get the opportunity to take a class sometime Seth !


            • reply Libby Mills ,

              Such a dramatic and amazing necklace Seth! It’s exciting to see some new work. I agree with Bettina, I want to see a bigger and closer photo of it. It’s not an everyday piece, not that it was meant to be, but it’s arresting and mildly unnerving. I love that. Very cool.

              I’d love to see what kind of closure Seth used.

              • reply Meisha ,

                Awesome piece Seth!!! I immediately think “ART TO WEAR”. It’s sculpture for the neck. This is a very exciting direction for you. Bravo!

                • reply Jane ,

                  Every artist has his own vision and that is as it should be. What one person loves, another person might dislike intensely and there is nothing wrong with that. But to post on a public bulletin board that someone’s work looks like an “alien monster about to consume the wearer” crosses the line in my opinion, and it serves no purpose other than to be disagreeable. I hope to never find such rudeness and negativity toward another artist on Cynthia’s wonderful Polymer Clay Daily site again.

                  • reply Carmen ,

                    Hi Cynthia, I visited the Arrowmont website and it does not show Seth Savarick or Cynthia Toops as an instructor. Is this the correct location? If so can you point me to the right page?

                    Also the URL for Cynthia Toops Bracelets, Bangles and Cuffs does not work.

                    Thanks so much

                    • reply Carmen ,

                      Well now I know the problem. I am looking at an old post from last year. Sorry Cynthia please disregard.

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