Wallace’s new twists

One look at Amy Wallace’s polymer chevron beads makes me want to try chevron canes again. The bright colors give them a happy, ethnic, graphic look that’s very much in vogue.

Amy has shut down her old Ovenfried site and the “stacker” bead tutorial that she popularized has vanished (sigh). She’s opened a new blog and Etsy sites. On her Flickr page her megastackers and snakeskin beads show off the newest twist on her old stacker technique.

  • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

    These are just FABULOUS! What a colorful inspiration!!! I’m already thinking of variations. =) Thank you for sharing them with us!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      Amy I love that you’re a runner and I love your megastackers. I enjoy all the vibrant colors.

      I’m a runner and marathoner and Born to Run is a great read. I’m also a health and fitness professional who spends her days empowering others to get and stay healthy and fit.

      So keep on running..it takes a lot of discipline and focus.

      • reply Carol Mooso ,

        Chevrons are gorgeous!!!

        Love to learn more about clay beads!!!!

        • reply Betty Jo Hendershott ,

          Lovely bright colors on the Chevrons and I LOVE the megastackers. Thank you for sharing.

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