Volkova’s mix and match

Where do the bits of crochet end and the polymer begin? Moscow’s Oxana Volkova mixes her talents so cleverly that I can’t tell where one stops and the other begins. She performs her sleight of hand with felt and fabric…and even shoes!

The possibilities are endless. Oxana’s imagination and enthusiasm are contagious and may put a spring in your step as you head to your studio.

  • reply sandra ,

    These are reminiscent of Jean Hornberger’s beads. Well done!

    • reply claire maunsell ,

      Oxana’s work makes you feel that you are allowed to do anything! Take on those rules! It’s very liberating to see (and her work makes me smile!)

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Very Cool

        • reply oxana ,

          Oh thank you all so much!!!!! I’m just happy!!!!!!!

          • reply Anita Brandon ,

            Clever, lovely, unique, and so appealing!

            • reply Jackie ,

              Really loved Oxana’s multi media beads and had fun looking through her flikr pages.

              • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                Outstanding!!! I love to see people mixing their other Artistic mediums with Polymer…your work Oxana really touches me…I crochet as well…and mix my polymer & crochet with my wearable art clothing…Also loved your non-polymer flickr pics…I’ve never seen a “White Peacock” what a Beauty…keep doing what you’re doing…


                • reply linda ,

                  Wow, wow, wow Oxana. How great is that and so well deserved, I am so happy for you!!!! :o))))

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