Mosaic final touch

Before I left town I finished my porch mosaic and I think it says “welcome” in a way that suits me. Adding the mosaic frame around the window in the door gives the entry the final touch it needed. Here are a few closeups and here’s the earlier post.

I’m getting settled in Colorado and hope you’ll distract yourselves with this while I get my bearings..

  • reply Iris Mishly ,

    It turned out beautiful! now, you have really inspired me to add some decorations to my door too 🙂

    • reply laurie prophater ,

      It is fabulous!!! I’ve tried the tiles…they are more difficult than they look. Have a great time in Colorado.

      • reply Pat Longmuir ,

        What a wonderful sight your porch mosaics are and are no doubt even more spectacular in reality. Your tiles are beautiful and very personal to you so thank you so much for sharing your photographs with us.

        • reply artfulwoman ,

          what was used for the “grout”? This is inspiring!

          • reply Desiree ,

            That is STUNNING!!!

            • reply Sue ,

              Fantastic! Thanks for all of your inspiration.

              • reply Joy Davis ,

                Wow, my daily shot in the arm to sit and create…
                Just amazing and beautiful work!

                • reply Suzanne Del Rizzo ,

                  Holy moly that is gorgeous!! You will have trouble getting your guests to tear themselves away from this amazing “greeting” and get them to actually come thru the door and inside! I love all of the unique textures- beautiful!

                  • reply LaLa ,

                    This is just gorgeous! Your door is a show-stopper! I bet you are the envy of the neighborhood with your new front porch and dressed up doorway! You could go into business doing just that!

                    • reply Catie ,

                      Gorgeous! I just love mosaics. What a unique and beautiful entrance to your home. I also am curious as to what you used for the grout.

                      • reply Sue ,

                        Sorry to post twice but I was thinking…did you cure the liquid polymer with a heat gun?

                        • reply Sherrie Brittig ,

                          This is so beautiful, and so very inspiring!

                          • reply Janie Zetsch ,

                            That is totally aewsome! And motivating…

                            • reply Jeannie ,

                              Cynthia, did you use and type of “grout”?

                              • reply liz & frog ,

                                Amazing ! I’t’s a wonderful work !

                                • reply Marlene Brady ,

                                  I particularly like the simple lettering of “Welcome” juxtaposed next to the other textured stamps. The family portrait is the finishing touch to these beautiful pieces of art and ingenious concept.

                                  • reply Maureen Thomas ,

                                    Beautiful! I’ll bet people will spend some time on the porch before they ring the bell. Nice that you included a family photo in the mosaic!

                                    • reply Peg Harper ,

                                      Oh Cynthia, I’ve been creating and hoarding pc tiles since Laurie was here last October. You’ve inspired me to dig all of them out and start using them!
                                      Have fun up there this week.

                                      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                                        Wow! Thanks for all your comments. No grout and no heat gun. I applied the tiles directly to painted wood leaving a bit of a margin all around.

                                        • reply Jayne Dwyer ,

                                          Absolutely love your mosaics! Have good move..we’ll still be here!

                                          • reply Deborah Groom ,

                                            Wow Cynthia. Your work is really lovely. I’d like to share the photos with the Istanbul Mosaic Guild if I have your permission to share them. I’d try to link them to this page. It is such nice work. Did you grout it? If you did what did you use for the grout? It is perfectly balanced with the whole entranceway.
                                            Deborah Groom

                                            • reply Priscilla Lane ,

                                              Breathtaking. I think many of them look like antique Rookwood tiles–so beautifully crafted. They really do look like ceramic and each is one of a kind!

                                              • reply BrendaLea ,

                                                Absolutely gorgeous! That was a lot of work you put into it. But well worth your time and effort. Anyone visiting you sure would be welcomed by your entrance!

                                                • reply Carol Shelton ,


                                                  This is such wonderful architectural detail that the traffic on H. Court may resemble a similar situation in your community, Rushcreek Village in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Of course, you’re too young to have experienced it but I would take friends on tours of it. I’ll drive by for a look-see in mid-October.

                                                  • reply Lisa Martin ,

                                                    Wow Cynthia! That is beautiful. The mosaic around the door window adds so much to the look. It is so gorgeous. And that window is really cool too. The whole look is perfect.

                                                    • reply Hillary ,

                                                      It IS beautiful — so proud of you Mom. Great addition to the neighborhood. Have fun on your vacation.

                                                      • reply Thyra ,

                                                        It’s so very nice, Beautiful work.

                                                        • reply Anita Brandon ,

                                                          What a gorgeous legacy. I love that every inch has some new treasure to discover.

                                                          • reply Christine Ritchey ,

                                                            WOW! I’d love to do something like this on my front porch and maybe in one of the bathrooms! Love that family photo among the other tiles.

                                                            Perhaps you’d consider doing a tutorial (you could even charge for it!)? I’d love to know the whole process, along with specifics like how to weatherproof the PC and can the mosaic be waterproofed. Maybe you should write a book? Anyway, it’s an incredible piece of art!

                                                            • reply Lone ,

                                                              Amazing work. The most beautiful and creative mosaic I´ve ever seen. Great work!!!!!!!!

                                                              • reply helen malchow ,

                                                                WOW Taking polymer to a whole new level! Not to mention everyone that passes by will wonder and say that’s cool, I wonder how it was made !! You may have just motivated some of us to enhance our entryway with happy energy!!! Kudos

                                                                • reply Beverlyjane ,

                                                                  So Lovely. What a beautiful welcome to your guests and family as they arrive to your home.

                                                                  • reply Ingrid ,

                                                                    Oh, I just love how this turned out. A beautiful balance of colour and texture. And what an elegant entrance it has become.

                                                                    • reply Sue Whelan ,

                                                                      So lovely and so inspirational! I, too, would love to know what you used for the grout. Was it tinted liquid clay? The overall look is terrific, especially with the added mosaics around the door window. I think this is one of the best uses of polymer clay I’ve ever seen.

                                                                      • reply Marnie Blum ,

                                                                        Cynthia, this turned out beautifully! What a wonderful way to personalize your porch. marnie

                                                                        • reply Lori Pierce ,

                                                                          This has turned out gorgeous! I’m turning green… I love one-of-a-kind home decorations myself, but haven’t accomplished something on such a large scale as both your window and side-panel combined. You’ve inspired me, too!! Thanks for putting the pics up!

                                                                          • reply Beth Savage ,

                                                                            Beautiful job! It’s the best mosaic work I’ve seen todate.

                                                                            • reply Sera ,

                                                                              Hey Cyn,

                                                                              I love it. Particularly the photo! It looks like the kind of house I would love to visit 🙂

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