Callahan’s book cane sculptures

Jonathan Callan is a UK sculptor who mostly works with books and paper. While there’s no polymer clay here (and PCD rarely strays from polymer artists), I’m hoping that you’ll appreciate Callan’s cane brain. His “canes” are made from books and they’re simply fascinating. Could he have been influenced by polymer clay?

New ideas are flooding in from fellow artists here in Colorado. I have some lovelies to share with you tomorrow. For now, it’s back to my worktable. Today’s link came from my darling daughter.

  • reply laurie prophater ,

    HMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! I have this big blank wall in my house…now how can I interpret that in clay. My brain is spinning with possibilities. Polymer or not…great link.

    • reply Seth Savarick ,

      FANTASTIC WORK!!!! WOW!!!!

      • reply jana ,

        I appreciated this feature of Jonathan Callan (his piece “The Defrauder” on his website is pretty impressive!), but moreover, I loved reading your daughter’s blog and spent a long time perusing some of her links (some of which I’ve seen before). I have my sights on ‘living small’, and am working my way toward that end, so loved seeing what she’s doing (bravo!); I’m so happy to see this movement gaining steam..

        • reply Barbara Handy ,

          I own a lot of clay but I don’t think I can get anywhere near the size of some of his pieces. I see “beads” in everything I see and I definately see beads here. Very interesting.

          • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

            I really enjoy your Darling Daughter’s blog. make me think big, no small. 🙂

            • reply ann schneider ,

              I LOVE your daughter’s blog. I so respect her way of life…it sounds real and full of joy.

              • reply Christine Damm ,

                Thanks for the link to Designboom! There’s a lot to chew on here- reminds me of DaMuse.

                • reply Daniela ,

                  Amazing O_O

                  • reply Kim ,

                    I use cane scraps to make wild roses and that’s what I thought this was at first glance! Very beautiful; can you imagine what it weights?

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