Helen Breil’s recent polymer works (and some new stamps) show off more of her expertise with textures. A sneak peek at her radiating lines tutorial has convinced me to try textures this week.

I was also encouraged at a recent retreat by a chance to inspect Laura Tabakman’s stash of homemade texture plates made from Super Elasticlay.

She creates and collects graphic elements that transfer in a deceptively simple process. Of course arranging the elements is the trick and learning to use the plates is another art.

Look at the works of these two artists to get an idea of the possibilities.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Helen’s textured disks are very cool. I’m sure the tutorial will do well.
    Laura’s cup necklace’s are out of this world. You have to check them out.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Helen’s textures are wonderful… I have a whole bunch of them. They are, in a word, Delish! Now, off to Laura’s site to see her work.

      Thanks for the wonderful kick-start to the morning, Cynthia!

      • reply JAN MONTARSI ,

        WOW !! I am amazed by your work not only the clay but also the assembly and combinations you have put together in your necklaces. cant wait to take your tutorial!!

        • reply Heather Campbell ,

          Helen…. you rock!!! Your work is fantastic. I have never met you but look forward to it sometime so I can tell you in person! Thank you for pushing me farther into areas I would not naturally go.

          Laura… your work is fabulous as well…I love a challenge and you have set the bar high. Keep it coming!!

          • reply Lily's Treasures ,

            What a lovely work. I love the choice of colors, the harmony is total.

            • reply Georgie Galante ,

              Helen your pieces are beautiful and unusual.

              • reply Tejae's Art ,

                Not only are the textures wonderful the color palettes are just as nice! Two exceptional artists. 🙂


                • reply Sera ,

                  I agree with the others about the colours – they are just divine. That is truly eye catching work. 🙂

                  • reply sandra ,

                    Amazed! the colors the styles are lovely.

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