Colorist Lindly Haunani has refreshed her site and refined her class offerings. (I’ll happily add the disclaimer that I assembled the site.) After writing a bestseller and overcoming other challenges, Lindly’s back up to speed.

She’s the queen of pinched beads. Her subtly blended polymer squares pinched together at two corners instantly become convincing flower petals.

Read about how her necklace of pinched rounds attracted the interest of Nepali polymer artists.

If, like Lindly, your work often takes its cue from nature, you’ll love this BBCearth online show. This month’s theme is “Life is Colourful” and it’s stunning. (via Coolhunting) Have a colorful weekend!

  • reply JeannieK ,

    She is a very accomplished polymer clay artist. What an amazing resume. Her pinched beads fascinate me. I would love to take a class from her.

    • reply Meisha ,

      I absolutely love my pinched bead necklace I purchased from Lindly. The color transitions are so beautiful. It’s a real show stopper. I’m going to check out the new web site right now.

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