Welker’s carvings

Did you catch Bettina Welker’s new carved and textured series of polymer beads, brooches and bracelets?

Bettina’s experiments using Pardo clay, paints and carving resulted in a lively series this summer and evolved to this chunky new fall batch that’s rich with color and full of bead-within-bead movement.

I keep running into carved polymer pieces lately. Is texture the new frontier to explore this fall?


  • reply claire maunsell ,

    I am so glad you featured these – aren’t they terrific? And yes, I think carving has been on a lot of people’s minds! I just can’t stand the little bitties every where…..

    • reply Christine Damm ,

      I think you’re onto something, Cynthia! Just this week I made a batch of highly textured pieces but applied little bits and twists, not carved. But my Dockyard cutters are sitting here, just begging to be used so I’ll try those next.

      • reply Karen Sexton ,

        Celie Fago taught a class in Ft. Collins about ten years ago. We combined carving with inlays to enhance transfer images. The possibilities were endless and I treasure memories of that class and the pieces I made.
        Bettina’s work puts a new slant on a standard technique. Her color combinations are fabulous! (Now where did I put those dockyard tools?)

        • reply Lynda Moseley ,

          Fantastic, Bettina! Congratulations on the PCD feature, too!

          • reply Bettina ,

            Thanks a lot for the feature Cynthia.

            The good thing about texturing and carving is: NO sanding envolved:) It’s a fun process, all the free carving and playing with colors – you never know how your beads will look like whan you start:)

            • reply JeannieK ,

              The colors and the shapes are so cool. Texture is never out of style.

              • reply Lily's Treasures ,

                It is always a pleasure to discover new artists and techniques. Thank you for sharing and pretty good work !

                • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                  What fantastic work. I just love the textured and carved pieces. Give me texture anyday.

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