One polymer cabinet

Finland’s Pörrö Sahlberg and Petteri Leppikallio collaborated on this 13″ polymer and wood cabinet that appears in the latest Lark book, 500 Cabinets. Their Trilobite Cabin is made of polymer, dye, sand and larch (wood).

I’m not sure if other polymer artists appear in the book but I’m happy to see this little gem make it. No polymer appeared in the 500 Plastic Jewelry book. How did that happen?

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    What a charming cabinet. Their marriage of PC and wood really works. I can imagine hiding all kinds of little treasures in it . NO PC in “500 Plastic Jewelry”?
    ABSURD! Boo Hiss.

    • reply Sera ,

      Porro’s work has been consistently innovative for the last 8 years that I’ve been following it. I just love this tribolite cabinet!

      • reply Barbara Briggs ,

        What wonderful little cabinets! Makes me want to get out my ‘Betsy McCall” doll that has been tucked away for more years than I care to remember!

        I’m guessing polymer wasn’t included in “500 Plastic Jewelry” because Lark has already published a “500 Polymer Clay Objects” book. Still, it would have been nice to have some polymer included the new book.

        • reply Pat Wexelblat ,

          Any time I tell a potential customer that “I made this piece using polymer clay”, she thinks “plastic. ugh.” and walks away. Maybe we’re actually fortunate that our wondrous medium didn’t make it into the plastic jewelry book.

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