The Ontario and Quebec guilds have pulled me back into mosaic/inchie mode. I’m intrigued by their group’s mystery project that Cynthia Blanton talks about on her blog.

“On the first day we were each given a small square of paper with a fragment of a photo on it. Our job was to duplicate the image in clay, matching colors and size,” she explains.

On the last night the squares were assembled on a larger canvas to reveal the image and produce the masterpiece. What a great project for a group (or a virtual group).

  • reply Louise ,

    • reply Maureen Thomas ,

      What a great group project. It’s like a collaborative quilt. Fun!

      • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

        This is such a seriously great idea!!!!

        • reply Wendy Orlowski ,

          I happen to be the owner of that Marilyn Mosaic! She sits proudly in my computer room for everyone to see!

          • reply Sarah ,

            Great Collaboration!

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