Mix and match polymer

Bright colors, crisp patterns…a winning combination in polymer from Illinois’ Terri Stone. If you’ve ever muddied up a promising palette, you’ll admire Terri’s ability to mix and match.

Her holiday Etsy shop is bursting with more examples.

I’m packing for a rare weekend with my sisters and these colors look as cheery as I feel. Thanks to Lindly Haunani for the link.

  • reply bananalana ,

    What a breathtaking combination of colors and shapes! Awesome!

    • reply Christy Dickerson ,


      Since I don’t seem to have the “precision gene” needed to cane, I avoid it most of the time, but I love these! Even a “random soul” can enjoy Terri’s work.

      • reply Terri Stone ,


        Thanks so much for including me in Polymer Clay Daily! I read it every single morning and what a surprise to find my beads this morning on your site!!
        Surely made my day!

        • reply Christine Witton ,

          Look forward to inspiration.

          • reply PRASANNA CHURY ,

            I`m very impress by this art like to do something , but material is not available in india!

            • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

              Prasanna – You might want to look at acolourfuljourney.com about a project in Nepal. They manage to get clay through friends and vendors who ship to them during cooler months. I hope you find a way to get your hands on polymer.


            • reply Pati Bannister ,

              I love the exuberance of this work!

              • reply Judy Johnson ,

                You have a unique gift of color combing. Beautiful Work!!

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