Shriver’s big beads

Sarah Shriver has added big polymer shapes, a bit of metal and new palettes (her Frida colors) to her repertoire. She calls the series pictured here her acorn beads. She’ll be teaching how to make these new big beads, veneer beads built over ultra-light clay, at CFCF in February.

Clicking across the images on her site’s front page makes me want more, more and bigger pictures. And it makes me wish I were on the west coast in December when she sells and parties up and down the coast. If you’re in the area, put one of her events on your calendar.

  • reply Eva ,

    What a good idea! It is magic and playful!
    All these so precious and multicolored balls(balloons)!
    The shapes are wonderful while very simple… I am under the charm…
    thank you Cynthia

    • reply judy belcher ,

      There is nothing more classic and lovely than a Sarah Shriver piece, the bigger the better! Cynthia – I’m available for a road trip west to purchase and party!

      • reply Maureen Carlson ,

        Judy and Cynthia, Me, too! Me, too! Well, not really, but I’m ready to go in mind and heart. Wouldn’t that be fun to show up as a gushing “fan”, which, of course, I am.

        I know from my own experience that when a person has an established body of work that people recognize and applaud, the it is really, really difficult to gather together new work and present it to the public. I applaud Sarah for taking the time and having the courage to put her ideas into action.

        • reply Norma ,

          These are stunning! I have always admire Sarah’s work. I own both her DVD’s and will love to own one of her pieces. I have never met her (I’m from Puerto Rico). Maybe I’ll try to go to the CFCF. Thanks for sharing!

          • reply ronna ,

            Sarah’s work is a meditation on order and symetry, and the new work is bursting at the seams. She articulates the serenity of order, but also the energy of growth and renewal. Capturing it all in one piece is astonishing artistry.

            • reply jana ,

              Sarah’s brilliant…

              • reply Bettina ,

                Gorgeous beads Sarah! I saw them on facebook a few days ago and I loved this new way instantly. The look a bit like tiny and very artsy lampions.

                • reply Trina Williams ,

                  Love the new work. I still have cane left from the last class I took. This is inspiring me to do something with it! And since the Arty Party is only 30 miles from me I might just go.

                  • reply Carol Simmons ,

                    You have done it again, Sarah. Brava!

                    • reply Becky Acosta ,

                      Oooh, pretty! Yay, Sarah will be at the BABE show this weekend–I’m going Sunday. Can’t wait to see those in person.

                      • reply jeanniek ,

                        I envy those of you who get to see these up close and in person. Her work puts me under a spell

                        • reply Sarah ,

                          Hey y’all,
                          You humble me with your comments and I thank you very much. Special thanks to you Cynthia for keeping your finger on SO MANY worldwide pulses! How do you do it?

                          • reply Charline Ahlgreen ,

                            Even better than what you taught us at Fandango this year and I didn’t think it was possible to BE better! Come back, Little Sarah (and teach us again!)!

                            • reply Dora ,

                              It is always a thrill to see Sarah’s work, and these new pieces are spectacular.

                              • reply Julie Picarello ,

                                Took a torch-fired enameling class at BABE last weekend…had a fab time and thought the day couldn’t get much better until we took a break, browsed the show, and stopped by Sarah’s booth. Had to fight our way through the admiring crowd, but it was worth the chance to see some of her new work in person. Lusciously inspiring…Sarah IS brilliant!

                                • reply Bashing ideas ,

                                  […] makes for easy carving and it can be used as a strong armature for large pieces. (See Sarah Shriver’s big beads and Melanie West’s biobangles, for […]

                                  • reply Coby Schrijver ,

                                    I LOVE the beads, as I do all your work! I’d wish you’d come to England again to teach! But perhaps I will see them next time I come to the US. Fingers crossed I don’t have to cancel again because of the terrible weather.

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