Electroforming and more

Watching Dee Wilder, Ann Davis (that’s her bangle) and others (see the previous links) experiment with electroforming on polymer satisfies my urge to jump right in and try it…for now, at least. Go see what they’re up to.

Loose ends

As I clean up my desk for Friday I note that Raija Korpela has kindly shared her crinkle cut technique with a picture tutorial. It’s an easy, fun distraction for weekend playing.Thanks, Raija.

Polymer artist Rachel Carren was named Best New Artist at the 34th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. This prestigious show has historically welcomed our crowd and this year the entire group included Ford/Forlano, Kathleen Dustin, Bonnie Bishoff/J.M. Syron, and Melanie West. Congrats, Rachel.

Have an electrifying weekend!

  • reply Christine Dumont ,

    Congratulations Rachel! Your prize is well deserved.

    • reply Dee Wilder ,

      Hey, thanks so much Cynthia for the mention. I seem to be fixated on electroforming at the moment–it’s easy and holds much promise for adding metal to polymer.

      • reply Jenn Oates ,

        Noooooooo…this looks way too interesting and I don’t need another thing to spend money on!

        It’s gorgeous, though. I’m really going to have to tie my own hands to not try it.

        • reply Edmon B. Ron ,

          Good Morning!!!

          I just want to know about polymer clay and some tools that I need to make crafts out of polymer.

          I want to start a polymer clay business.

          Thanks and God bless.

          • reply Melody Marie Murray ,

            Ooooh! I just love Dee’s stuff, and am happy to be introduced to Ann’s. Lovely combination- clay and metal.

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