The retro bling from PurpleCactus isn’t in traditional holiday colors but their polymer baubles suggest a cheery approach to the season. North Carolina’s Amber Edison and Laurence Abensour have teamed up to produce a line of small pendants and rings that really hit the spot.

Is the texture on this bicone bead a new trick or an optical illusion? Whatever…I find myself mesmerized.

Here’s an earlier PCD post on the duo and links to their Etsy and Flickr sites.

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  • reply Lupe Meter ,

    I love the colors that purplecactus uses. PurpleCactus also does some beautiful banners as well…bought one. Love the retro blings! 8D

    • reply Carolyn Good ,

      I love how she uses color. I sure am curious how she got those ridges on her lentil swirl — it sure is unique!

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        I am guessing that the ridges might be carved, possibly halfway through the swirl?? You know, swirl a bit to get the design going, then carve soem ridges, then swirl gently some more so the ridges partly “melt”. That is only a guess, though.

        Another thought is that she used a ripple blade to cut segments to lay onto a lentil, then swirled them just a bit.

        Both guesses are based on that ripple effect in the lower right quadrant. I also think she’s getting a little mokume gane effect and a bit of mica shift in there to enhance the sensation of dimension.

        • reply Judith Chance ,

          I have no idea how this is done, being a real beginner in polymer clay.
          How inspiring all of this is! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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