Creative Sparks Giveaway

Dayle Doroshow and I created Creative Sparks, a little gem of a book, and it’s time to spread a little holiday cheer with a book giveaway.

To enter, respond to this post with your comment. We’ll choose a winner on Saturday. Did I mention that Sparks is filled with Dayle’s great tricks for keeping your spirits up in the studio?

Looking at so many of your lovely polymer creations makes it hard to hush my inner critic when I get my hands on clay. Dayle’s tips showed me ways to navigate around the obstacles that get in the way of creative joy. I include pictures and comments about my results.

2011 organizer

If you’re trying to organize for the new year, check out Laura Balombini’s polymer teapots calendar. She posted about it on Facebook. It’s $20 plus shipping. Write her to order yours.

  • Kim Detmers ,

    I get a “creative Spark” everyday from polymerclaydaily.
    Would love an extra one in book form!
    Thanks for keeping us inspired!

    • Janie Zetsch ,

      I get a spark from PCD each morning also, but I could use a little more of a creative spark myself right now.

      • Lisa Burns ,

        Thank you for your postings. I check your site everyday for inspiration.

        • Erlinda Mersino ,

          I could use some “Creative Spark” right about now. The holidays are here and my mind is so blank it hurts. Where did it go when I need it the most?

          • dayle doroshow ,

            Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and lovely comments!

            • becky mizell ,


              • Beth Schwartz ,

                What a perfect creative laxative for intermittent artistic constipation! A perfect prescription for a holiday surprise.

                Thank you so much for the daily treat you provide with your website. It is refreshing, when buried under immense piles of work at the office, to peer out once in a while at something totally different and refreshing.

                Happy holidays, however you celebrate, to you, your family and to Dayle. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

                • Sherry Bailey ,

                  I agree with others, a spark would be very welcome. I have some little gifts to make for co-workers, and I’m stumped this year.

                  • Joan ,

                    What a joy your website is, everyday we get to be immersed in creative polymer beauty! Now to have your voice in book for as a tiny cheerleader, that would be something! Thank you!

                    • Priscilla Muniz ,

                      How many times have I felt like I was at a dead end street with no ideas then I go to Polymerclaydaily. Sitting at the kitchen table I am transported all over the world to see what other crafters are doing. Now you have a book! YES I would love a book!!

                      • Anita Brandon ,

                        What a terrific idea (AND name) for a book. We surely need those reminders. The beautiful photos of the lovely pieces make the format so appealing. KUDOS to you both.

                        • Francie Owens ,

                          I enjoy your posts everyday. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

                          • K.Bish ,

                            What a lovely book. As a former theater person all I keep thinking is “God I hope I get it…I really need this book(job)” from A Chorus Line.
                            Fun stuff, seriously, a really nice book.
                            Thanks for the opportunity!!!

                            • Babs Young ,

                              This book was in my mailbox when I returned home from
                              Ohio. It’s a great addition to my library. Great ideas, great
                              Graphics and a real inspiration.

                              • Kerri Crawford ,

                                Thanks for the opportunity to win what looks like a fun new book! I’m always looking for new ideas when creative juices are running low.

                                • Christopher Knoppel ,

                                  This book looks truly amazing and finally a book for all of us that grapple with
                                  intermittent difficulty with getting our creative juices flowing! Who wouldn’t
                                  want this book in the studio? I DO!!!

                                  • claire maunsell ,

                                    Well of course I want such a lovely book – thanks for the chance!

                                    • Mags Bonham ,

                                      I got a tiny taste of Dayle’s creative stimulus at Synergy and would love to have more ideas to help me through the next two months of exploration. Getting back into the studio has meant so much to me, but I am also straining to find the next direction I should take with my work. I would feel honored to have this little book by my side every day! Thanks Cynthia and Dayle for providing this opportunity for all of us.

                                      • Molly JuDean ,

                                        What a lovely opprotunity, Cynthia and Dayle, thank you!! I would love the book. Even if I don’t win, I still think I NEED the book. Good Luck everyone!

                                        • Carmen ,

                                          Congrats on a wonderful book. The book preview is very enticing.

                                          • Shirley ,

                                            I love PCD and looking forward everyday to the daily post I would LOVE to have a copy of this book

                                            • Janine gerade ,

                                              Thanks for this contest! The book looks like it could help me with my creative process which can be hindered by my studios location( the kitchen table) and my dream of a real studio someday!!

                                              • Dede Leupold ,

                                                I love the creative spark that I received from Dayle when we attended Pingree together. I look back on my notes often. It would be great to have it all in one book! Thanks Cynthia!

                                                • Michele Crim ,

                                                  This looks like a wonderful book!

                                                  • Kit Lockwood ,

                                                    Oh, I love Dayle Doroshow’s work and have always felt such creative warm and inspiration from Cynthia every day. What a wonderful pairing! What a great idea! I loved the preview pages! I can so rarely afford to buy the expensive full color books in the craft section. I sometimes get them used. But I sit for hours in the bookstore coffee shops and flip through them and take notes. When this one comes out, I know I’ll be going through it greedily! Yay! I can hardly wait!

                                                    • Carla R. ,

                                                      Cynthia…5 mornings a week, I settle in my chair with coffee and open your site. You are to blame for my bookmarks list being long enough to span the Grand Canyon. Thank you, thank you for your time and energy devoted to your site, you’re the best! ‘Sparks’ looks like a gem of a book, yay you!

                                                      • Donna Magana ,

                                                        Yes– who wouldn’t want more inspiration! I’d love to own a copy of the book! A free copy is even better. I do love PCD and check it every morning too. Love seeing what is happening out there in the wide wide world of polymer clay.

                                                        • Yolan Presley ,

                                                          Don’t know what I’d do with out your daily inspiration. When I can’t get my hands on my clay for months at a time, you help me feel that I’m still part of this wide community. Thank you so much.

                                                          • Hazel Tripp ,

                                                            I am one of those people who check out Polymerclay Daily every day . . . well every day that I can. I see all sorts of projects that I want to copy or give a try. I also click on past entries and links and spend way too much time surfing the web looking at everyone’s work.
                                                            My problem is that I spend too much time looking rather than doing.
                                                            My New Year’s resolution is to do more poly clay work. ! !

                                                            • Liz ,

                                                              PCD and a cup of coffee start my day every weekday. Thank you for providing such wonderful inspiration and visual stimulation. The posts make me want to create all day, every day. What a luxury that would be!

                                                              • Sara P. ,

                                                                A fresh creative spark in the studio… who couldn’t use something like that! Thank you so much for all your hard work on PCD. The posts and artists that you find are amazing and inspiring.

                                                                • Clare Pramuk ,

                                                                  I need a spark to clear off my worktables–maybe a little dynamite. I really enjoy this blog. Thanks for doing it.

                                                                  • Tina ,

                                                                    I really, really need a creative spark. I’d just love your book. And I already love your website. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide there.

                                                                    • Marlene@http://itsallaboutcreating.blogspot ,

                                                                      I need some tips for keeping my spirits up in my studio. Thank you to Dayle and to Polymer Clay Daily for the givewaway opportunity.

                                                                      • caren goodrich ,

                                                                        thanks for the holiday cheer! I took a workshop with Dayle once, she is great!

                                                                        • barbara lyons ,

                                                                          here’s hoping i win – i could use some cheering and creativity

                                                                          • Victoria James ,

                                                                            Thanks for the enticing idea of a give away!
                                                                            Posting this note makes me realize, I want this book.
                                                                            I’ve had little time to spend in my studio this past year. This looks like the perfect thing to toss in my satchel and pull out for a 1minute read and creative energy boost.
                                                                            I can be more creative in my daily tasks, the meals shop for and cook for the people I care for, the routes I drive, even my topics for conversation. Just because I’ve little time now for ‘Art’, does not mean I don’t need a creative jump start!
                                                                            Victoria James

                                                                            • jennifer ,

                                                                              i love your website, i always check it before i even get the email telling me it has been posted. i’m fairly new to the craft of polymer clay and i love books and pictures to give me some inspiration. with 2 small boys i am not always able to get to my computer or buy a book i see that has beautiful pictures, i’d love to be able to carry around a lil bit more inspiration with me

                                                                              • Teena Krueger ,

                                                                                Wow, it would be so awesome to win this book:-) Your website is a daily source of inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for all of your dedicated work!!!

                                                                                • Barb Harper ,

                                                                                  Light my Fire with a creative spark,please! I need to burn calories and cater to my inner muse.I think the muse will have better results but it doesn’t hurt to hope.
                                                                                  Like so many other devoted PCD readers thank you for the daily inspiration.
                                                                                  One of the Rockettes.

                                                                                  • Jolene Barrios ,

                                                                                    I start out every morning with a cup of coffee and my dose of PCD inspiration. Thank you for doing all the research so that I can benefit from the amazing work that you find and post. This book is on my wishlist. I feel bad that it took a “give away” for me to finally say Thank You. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

                                                                                    • Keila Hernandez ,

                                                                                      How wonderful! I’d love to be included in your giveaway! We can all use a little “Spark” now and again.

                                                                                      • Sandy in CA ,

                                                                                        love your blog!

                                                                                        • Jeanine ,

                                                                                          A creative collaboration between the two of you has to be wonderful. Thanks for gifting a copy, and for the opportunity!

                                                                                          • Maggie Westall ,

                                                                                            I was really excited to see that the 2 of you had gotten together to make an inspirational book. Polymerclaydaily is the place I go to to charge my creative batteries and everything I see from Dayle Doroshow is inspiring. Creative Sparks is a perfect title.

                                                                                            • carolyn lehmann ,


                                                                                              Send me your book in any case – if I’m not lucky in the giveaway, let me know the cost. Should be worth every penny.


                                                                                              • ilese levitt ,

                                                                                                Wow, what a lovely book. I followed the link to and got a little sneak preview. Love the riot of colors.

                                                                                                • Jenny ,

                                                                                                  I love PCD!!! I’d love PC 2x-D if you could swing it! Looking forward to seeing the new book, Creative Sparks! I’d love to win a copy!

                                                                                                  • Doreen ,

                                                                                                    Hooray…a giveaway!!! Please enter me.

                                                                                                    • Daisy ,

                                                                                                      Please enter me.
                                                                                                      Thanks for gifting a copy, and for the opportunity!