Creative Sparks Giveaway

Dayle Doroshow and I created Creative Sparks, a little gem of a book, and it’s time to spread a little holiday cheer with a book giveaway.

To enter, respond to this post with your comment. We’ll choose a winner on Saturday. Did I mention that Sparks is filled with Dayle’s great tricks for keeping your spirits up in the studio?

Looking at so many of your lovely polymer creations makes it hard to hush my inner critic when I get my hands on clay. Dayle’s tips showed me ways to navigate around the obstacles that get in the way of creative joy. I include pictures and comments about my results.

2011 organizer

If you’re trying to organize for the new year, check out Laura Balombini’s polymer teapots calendar. She posted about it on Facebook. It’s $20 plus shipping. Write her to order yours.

  • edie ,

    I could sure use a spark! My studio is in the basement and it’s chilly, even with the heater. In the winter, I have a hard time getting myself down there, but once I’m there I usually love it.


    • Jennifer Patterson ,

      Boy could I use this!! When doing production work, it’s really hard to keep that creative spark going!

      • Billi RS Rothove ,

        Every little bit makes a difference. Thank you for the give away opp.

        • Amy Crawley ,

          Having worked personally and in developing a friendship with Dayle, I can say that her tips and recommendations for sparking the creative muse are really good. What’s more, she truly believes in and puts into practice those tips. I was really happy to hear about the Creative Sparks book & would be honored to own a copy.

          • Michelle ,

            Just the type of book I need right now! Thanks for your wonderful blog Cynthia – checking it out each day has become part of my routine!

            • Corey ,

              I would love to hush the inner critic. My muse is on a semi-permanent vacation…will this draw her back?

              • Chris Kelsey ,

                Dayle is great and the two of you working together must have some great tips in it. I was lucky enough to take a workshop with Dayle during the first Synergy and I would love to have this book to remind me of her inspirations. Thanks Cynthia for doing this – so helpful, as always.

                • Susan Knutson ,

                  I need to quell my inner critic that my work isn’t perfect. Happy Holidays Cynthia, PC Daily is the first website I visit each morning. SK

                  • Peg Harper ,

                    Our Karen Sexton brought a copy of your book to our last guild meeting, hot off the presses! It would be great to have a copy to put into our guild library. We have some terrific members at all different levels, but they have one thing in common; how to make the most of of the creative time they have and not get bogged down in the process.
                    Thanks for being my daily clay digest / pick-me-up!

                    • Marcia ,

                      This would just be a bonus on top of the daily creative sparks you share! Thanks so much for the daily inspiration!

                      • ColtPixy ,

                        A spark would be wonderful and I really need to make my inner critic quit screaming at me.

                        • mspete ,

                          Sure sounds like a great pick-me-up when the not-good-enuff’s hit

                          • Trudi ,

                            What a generous offer. I could certainly use a few sparks to my creativity!

                            • Susan ,

                              It looks like it would be a great book to get me moving in the creative direction.

                              • Marnie Blum ,

                                I just adore your daily creative sharings! I can only imagine how awesome a book collaboration would be. Thanks for all you do!

                                • Noviel ,

                                  Sounds like a handy thing to have, and who doesn’t love free giveaways? I certainly can relate to needing a spark to keep things going sometimes when you just feel blah or overwhelmed!

                                  Erin* “Noviel”
                                  Elven Star Clayworks

                                  • Gera Scott Chandler ,

                                    Oh cool! I could use a spark… please add me Cynthia!

                                    • Suzie ,

                                      I need all the spark I can get!! Thank you for the opportunity!

                                      • Dolores Marple ,

                                        This is one place I visit to keep the spark alive! I kinda know what I want to do, and I love doing what I do, but seeing what others do is sparkly magical!

                                        • Susan ,

                                          We can all always use a spark! Thanks, Cynthia and Dayle.

                                          • Donna Ingram ,

                                            I would love to own this book and add it to the one’s I have been able to get.Love your Letters I receive. Have a wonderful Holiday. Donna Ingram

                                            • Jane Perala ,

                                              I would love to win a copy of Sparks – please include me, and thanks!

                                              • Che ,

                                                Wohoo….a spart..a spark….i really need one!!!! thanks for this !!!! 🙂

                                                • laura ,

                                                  A spark would be a wonderful thing when you feel like the fire has gone out! I have been in the place when any and all ideas would be great!

                                                  • Elaine Macfarlane ,

                                                    This is just what I need, a little “spark”. I love getting your email every day. Great hints and ideas.

                                                    • Jainnie Jenkins ,

                                                      Wow, that sounds like a very cool and helpful book! I glanced at the preview…how exciting! It would be great to have tips on keeping the creative spark going in the studio. For me, it always helps to have music or favorite movies going! (or is that just to keep me awake?!?) 😀 Whoever gets this book will be so very happy! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

                                                      • wendy Malinow ,

                                                        I need a spark too… thanks also for the daily sparks….
                                                        here’s to a spark(lely) season (don’t have a clue how to spell that)

                                                        • Corinne ,

                                                          Hi! I’m sixteen years old and cant wait everyday after school to see your new posts. I don’t have a “studio” just a designated table in my room. It would make my world to win a copy of Creative Sparks! Thank you so much for everything you do.

                                                          • Trina Williams ,

                                                            Spark? I need at least a conflagation! But I can tell this is a book I need to add to my collection.

                                                            • Kim Owens ,

                                                              I would love to add a little spark under my creative muse. This sounds like the perfect way to do it! It’s totally sparkalicious!

                                                              • Debbie Crothers ,

                                                                What a brilliant idea. We can all use a little help from time to time in the creativity department. How extremely generous of you both. Merry Christmas from Down Under.

                                                                • Kimberly Arden ,

                                                                  Couldn’t wait to win it! Just purchased your new book. Looking forward to reading this treasure…. and a very happy Christmas to Meeeeeee!

                                                                  • Carrie ,

                                                                    Oh Boy could I use a “Spark”….this year has been a challenge, glad to say good-bye to it, and get back into the studio!

                                                                    • Anita Simpson ,

                                                                      Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!

                                                                      • Karen Woods ,

                                                                        Went to Japan this fall and found much to renew my spark! Travel does that to one!

                                                                        Safe and happy Holidays all round….


                                                                        • Paula K Gilbert ,

                                                                          Seeing your picture sparked a memory of Pingree and all the wonderful people I was able to meet and learn from over the years. Lots of great memories “sparked” by seeing your picture. Can’t wait to see your book.

                                                                          • Kay Olson ,

                                                                            I could really use some SPARK right now, seems like my mind has gone on Christmas Holiday.


                                                                            • Melissa Greenwood ,

                                                                              Just LOVE your blog and daily FB posts- look forward to my inbox everyday to see what amazing work folks are making! Thank you!

                                                                              • Linda Phillips ,

                                                                                If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this “gem” is sure to be a clayer”s best friend. Sounds like just the pick-me-up I need this winter. How generous of you to give it.

                                                                                • Bonnie Kreger ,

                                                                                  BOY DO I NEED SPARKS. I would love that book. I have Dayle’s DVD’s and I watch them all the time when I get in a rut and my muse goes on vacation. If I don’t win this book I’ll never spark again. LOL

                                                                                  • Sharon ,

                                                                                    This sounds like a great book! It may be just what I need to get motivated. Thanks for the opportunity to win it
                                                                                    Happy holidays to all

                                                                                    • Christy Dickerson ,

                                                                                      Oh, I really need a spark and it would be a great birthday present!

                                                                                      • Deborah Groom ,

                                                                                        This book would be the perfect spark to hush my inner critic and rediscover play. I get shut down with trying to figure out what others will want or like, afraid that the next piece will expose me as a fraud, not a true artist. I’d love the freedom to create for the joy of claying. I think I’d like to transform all of my life that way. Deb

                                                                                        • Lara ,

                                                                                          Oh my goodness, keeping spirits up in the studio? YES that’s exactly what I need! Finding it very hard to be motivated these days, and I really need muse to help me create cake toppers for my wedding!

                                                                                          • JAQUI MILES ,

                                                                                            I love your posts and the creative projects that you do. You inspire me!

                                                                                            • Freda Kramer ,

                                                                                              Like everyone else I could use some more creative sparks. I love Dayle’s work and have a tape of hers.

                                                                                              • marla albertson ,

                                                                                                i could use a spark to ignite my creativity as it has been dulled by the cold winter season.

                                                                                                • Cheryl Dixon ,

                                                                                                  I love creative sparks! I love it when something comes along to get me going. How fun it would be to have a book on hand to get those juices going and be reminded that anything is possible, I just have to do it! This would be the perfect excuse!

                                                                                                  • Marty Woosley ,

                                                                                                    Sparks is just what I need this time of year. I see everyone producing great work and I just can’t seem to get going. I guess being too busy is part of it. I need something to “make” me get organized and on schedule—those are the two things I lack but know you two could make my day!!! It’s all in my head but it just needs a Sparks to get out!!! Give me Sparks to light a fire under me!!!

                                                                                                    • haydee hirsch ,

                                                                                                      what a great cover–looked inside, what a treat this book is –i could sure use the inspiration on the pages of this book, thanks for sharing