Creative Sparks Giveaway

Dayle Doroshow and I created Creative Sparks, a little gem of a book, and it’s time to spread a little holiday cheer with a book giveaway.

To enter, respond to this post with your comment. We’ll choose a winner on Saturday. Did I mention that Sparks is filled with Dayle’s great tricks for keeping your spirits up in the studio?

Looking at so many of your lovely polymer creations makes it hard to hush my inner critic when I get my hands on clay. Dayle’s tips showed me ways to navigate around the obstacles that get in the way of creative joy. I include pictures and comments about my results.

2011 organizer

If you’re trying to organize for the new year, check out Laura Balombini’s polymer teapots calendar. She posted about it on Facebook. It’s $20 plus shipping. Write her to order yours.

  • Macy ,

    The book looks wonderful! Perfect good for the holidays!

    • Michelle ,

      Thank you for the oportunity to win something that I need so badly!
      I hope I win and can find my Muse again…it’s been so long since I’ve seen her……I think she ran

      • Bette L ,

        I took a peek! At first I wasn’t sure, but then I started reading. I think you made this book for me!

        • Kathy Swenning ,

          Sounds like a great opportunity for some inspiration – especially after the crazy holiday season!

          • Jen West ,

            Love Dayle’s work! Would love to win this book!

            • connie ,

              What a terrific book! Your calendar is way cool too!

              • Patty Barnes ,

                What a fun and delightful way to get “fired up” when our creative spirit wants to just crawl back under the covers on these cold winter mornings (or even in those stifling hot and sultry days of summer when the pool beckons) than to turn to such an inspiring book. It always helps to know that others also sometimes run out of steam during a creative crisis and that there are ways to get the gears meshing again. I’m looking forward to buying the book as I’m never the one in a group that wins anything, so I can show it to my clay buddies. Oh, and I’d like to announce it on my Clay-Polymer Yahoo group with your permission. Patty

                • Kristi ,

                  You inspire every day! Would love your sparks to enrich my art experience!!

                  • Tracey Williamson ,

                    Looks like a charming, fun book !!!

                    • Sue Ossenberg ,

                      Golly! The only thing I think I’m slated to receive this year is coal in my stocking . . . for not doing enough polymer work this year, of course! I think this great book would be just what Santa would order for getting me inspired and back on track again. Would love to be the recipient!

                      Thank you for such an exciting contest for those of us who eagerly await your great posts daily. It’s almost like waiting for Christmas morning 5 days a week. Thanks for all you do for the polymer community!

                      Sue O.

                      • Cyndi Cogbill ,

                        Wow, what fun! The book looks like fun too, and I look forward to inspiration – either by the book or continuing to view these posts.

                        Thanks for the opportunity!


                        • Cathy Johnston ,

                          It would be great to win this book of inspiration. Thanks to for all you do for us with Polymer Clay Daily.

                          • Sabine Spiesser ,

                            I love polymer clay daily and get withdrawal symptoms on the days you have a well deserved break. Every post introduces someone or some new work and adds to my mental library of inspirational art. Thank you so very much.
                            The preview of the book looks exiting, colourful and will definitely be on the top of my wishlist.

                            • Greet ,

                              I would love to win this beautiful book! Thanks for your daily inspiration, keep up the good work!

                              • Maura ,

                                I love the idea of this book. I always get so down heartened when I want to play with my clay as I’m so critical of myself and think everyone else’s work is wonderful. I need to get myself into the ‘wonderful’ category.

                                • Cindy Anderson ,

                                  It looks like a wonderful book! I could use something to get my spirits up, I am getting my computer set up from loosing my hard drive last week. Not fun and I think I lost a lot of things.


                                  • JeannieK ,

                                    This would hang proudly in my studio

                                    • Terri E ,

                                      What a wonderful book to help with those down days. Thank you for this opportunity.

                                      • Judy ,

                                        Just wanted to say I just got my book (so no need to add my name to the growing list of people for the giveaway) and if you don’t win it, add it to your Christmas list – it’s a great one!

                                        • Sandra ,

                                          First of all, I would like to thank you Cynthia, for bringing us these wonderful posts everyday. They in themselves are a wonderful source of inspiration! But to have a book that can inspire us even further is frosting on the cake! Thanks to you and Dayle for collaberating on this project.

                                          • Akvamarin ,

                                            Excellent! The book looks fantastic!

                                            And thank you, Cynthia, for this wonderful blog!

                                            • Amy ,

                                              I’m not a polymer artist (beads & metal), but I LOVE Polymer Clay Daily. I’ve checked out so many great artists from your links, then even MORE artists from theirs. Love it! The inspiration is incredible. Thank you for a ray of sunshine in my in box every day. It’d be great to win Creative Sparks, because everyone needs a Creative Spark!!

                                              • Judy A. ,

                                                I would love to take this to the 2011 Buckeye PC Bash!!!

                                                • Karen ,

                                                  Ah ha! We all need a little inspiration once in awhile to get our creative juices flowing. Sometimes it’s just that one little thing that gets us off on a whole new tangent.

                                                  • Wendy ,

                                                    I don’t know what I’d do without PCD, it’s the best source for my daily inspiration, thanks soo….much Cynthia. The book is another great gift. Wishing you Happy Holidays.

                                                    • Katie ,

                                                      I LOVE Dayles work! and its so great that you have made a book about her! I would love to win a copy 😀 It looks like such a reat clay book to add to any collection 🙂


                                                      • Pam ,

                                                        Happy Holidays – and thank you for the year-round gift of Polymer Clay Daily! I’m always enjoying the wonderful creations that you feature. I know how much work must go into it – and it’s very much appreciated! I will keep my eye out for this book at the bookstore if I’m not the lucky winner – it looks great!

                                                        • Melanie Eskoff ,

                                                          Cynthia, Thanks so much for Polymer Clay Daily…… and this giveaway. I just started sculpting dolls with polymer and could use tips for lifting my spirit and releasing judgment during the process. Thanks mucho!

                                                          • Valerie-Valou ,

                                                            What a wonderful book ! As your blog ! Thank you very much for your daily surprise.

                                                            • Deborah Spinelli ,

                                                              Happy holidays! What a terrific book and thanks for the opportunity to win it! I can use some inspiration this winter!

                                                              • Kim Iberg ,

                                                                Thanks for your wonderful inspirations! I count on finding your posted goodies as a source of motivation and education.

                                                                Peace, Joy and Love,

                                                                • Cat Dodt-Ellis ,

                                                                  This really looks special, I love inspiring books & so does my muse!!! Please enter my name into the drawing & thank you for doing this!!!!

                                                                  • Susan ,

                                                                    To win this book of inspiration would be a wonderful way for me to jump start the new year. I really hope I win. Thank you Cynthia and Dayle.

                                                                    • Judy ,


                                                                      What a great idea — I’m always beating up on myself and pushing myself. This book sounds like just what I need — gentle loving reminder that everything is beautiful.

                                                                      Thanks for the opportunity, Judy

                                                                      • Kathleen Anderson ,

                                                                        At low points, at high points PC Daily is the place to find inspiration, uplift and a fresh start to a new day!

                                                                        Thank you Cynthia for your forethought and persistance!!

                                                                        Happy holiday and holyday season to you, your family and all the readers of Polymer Clay Daily!!!!!

                                                                        • Nettonya ,

                                                                          Hi, Cynthia,

                                                                          The first 15 pages of the book show a typical Dayle Doroshow take on polymer clay – inspiring! I was fortunate to have taken a course from her in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a few years ago. I suspect that her book will give good reading and inspiration to whoever is the lucky recipient. Just let it be me! ;^)

                                                                          • Barb ,

                                                                            What a wonderful gift this book would be.

                                                                            • frances white ,

                                                                              oh a kick in right direction while not feeling guilty for reading!just whats needed in my studio at moment!

                                                                              • Wendy ,

                                                                                Looks an amazing book, just what I need for inspiration to get creating again.

                                                                                • Marivi ,

                                                                                  a wonderful book with fantatstic inspiration!!

                                                                                  • Betty Kimball ,

                                                                                    I got my copy of Creative Sparks last week, and LOVE IT. I would love to win a second copy and donate it to my guild library. Thanks for a great book.
                                                                                    Betty Kimball

                                                                                    • Karen Cowles ,

                                                                                      Wow! Sounds like a great book from two amazing ladies! Thanks for the heads up!

                                                                                      • Lennie Poitras ,

                                                                                        This looks like a great book. I really enjoy the Polymer Clay Daily site–it is wonderful that you do this every day! I wish there were more sites that had regular postings! Thanks for what you do!

                                                                                        • Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

                                                                                          Happy holidays!!!!
                                                                                          Thanks for publishing this book and giving one away. You do such a fine job, Cynthia.