Terra Nova Polymer

We broke new ground, Terra Nova, in 2010! Thanks to the persistent effort spearheaded by Elise Winters and joined by many others, we can look forward to polymer’s first major museum show and a companion book at the Racine Art Museum October 2011 to February 2012. Look at PolymerArtArchive to learn about the history of your artform.

The Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads exhibit promises to show how far polymer art has come in a short time by spotlighting eight Boundary Breakers. (This Blossoming Radii brooch is by Jeff Dever.)

With this PCDaily post #1413 we continue to watch polymer art grow. I look forward to another year with you. Happy new year!

  • reply Kristina ,

    Thank you and the same to you. PC Daily is an obligatory stop every day – a cyber home in a way. Thanks for all the goodness you bring to us all over the world.

    • reply Donna Greenberg ,

      The pace at which this art progresses is dizzying. Very exciting news about the upcoming Museum show. Congratulations to Elise Winters for her vision. Happy New Year to you all.” Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” Rumi.

      • reply Sandra K ,

        I don’t know where you find the time but I’m glad you do. Thanks for all 1413 posts! I’m amazed every day by the polymer clay creations you find to share with the rest of us. Through you, Elise and others, polymer is slowly but surely finding a foothold in the art world. Have a safe and happy new year!

        • reply Susan O'Neill ,

          I heartily echo Kristina’s sentiments, Cynthia! Thanks for all that you do to promote the polymer community as a viable artistic medium 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours.

          • reply Elizabeth Freeman ,

            That is too cool. Congrats

            • reply Wendy Malinow ,

              Happy new year polymeristas! Congrats Elise on your hard work and you too, Cynthia, for getting it out there for the reclusive cave dwellers like myself as well as the whole community.
              Sparkle on,

              • reply baywinds ,

                Hi Cynthia, I am entranced every moring when I open this website. I spend time going thru the newest projects that artists are doing. Unbelieveable! I took the first class that Nan Rocke gave thru MAFA, many years ago. I also got a signed copy of her first book on Polymer Clay. I am finally retired and now have time to really get into the Clays” I also do metal clay and silversmithing. All go together and enhance each other. Thanks for all the work that you put together, I appreciate your hard work. Baywinds

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