Catching up with Zilliacus

Catching up with Carol Zilliacus was a bonus from my clean up, catch up first weekend of 2011. As I added missing names and dusted off links on the list of artists who have been featured on PCDaily, I was reacquainted with art and artists I’d lost track of.

Carol was one of the first polymer artists to paint and weave and collage with polymer clay. This recent story about her made me feel like we are back in touch. Always optimistic, Carol improvises when obstacles appear. Her story is particularly appropriate as we start a new year.

The featured links page contains over 500 artists. If you find errors, omissions or dead links there, please let me know so that I can keep this resource current. You can add your own site to the readers page. (I have to approve each link so it may take a while for your name to appear.)

  • reply Jill Palumbo ,

    Thank you so much for putting together the featured links page. What a wonderful resource for exploring the world of polymer art.

    • reply Iris Mishly ,

      Wow, that looks like a life-time project! i can’t imagine going through all my links, I’ll have to google for some automatic service to check them 😉
      thank you Cynthia for the hard work and the lovely art you bring us daily!


      • reply Kimberly Arden ,

        Hi Cynthia,

        Checked my name and our site did not come up. Rec’d an ‘oops’ message instead.
        Thank you for putting this together. I look forward to somehow looking at all the sites. In my spare time. In my next life!


        • reply Maureen Carlson ,

          I love Carol’s mixed-media approach to masks. Inspiring, as she always has been. Reading the article felt like a quick visit with Carol.

          Thanks, Cynthia, for weaving the threads of the polymer clay community into a beautiful tapestry of talent.

          • reply Valerie Hayden ,


            What a wonderful resource you have created, thank you very much.
            As I was perusing I noticed that the link for Jeffrey Dever brings up the site for
            Christine Dumont. I thought maybe the two were switched but the link from her name also goes to her site. Just so you know. Again thanks for the inspiration.


            • reply Ingrid Gans ,

              Cynthia, thank you so much for the link to Carol. The artist’s links page it so overwhelming for me as a newbie in PC. It is so great to have these little bite size pointers. I find Carol’s work very inspiring. it does all make me feel like I’ll be a beginner forever, but then again I can also see how I’m never going to be bored with polymer clay.

              I can’t thank you and everyone who contributes here enough.

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