The evolution of Mary and Lou Ann

Mary Filapek and Lou Ann Townsend had fallen off my radar and their polymer and silver work continues to evolve. They explain that, “Chemistry, cellular structure, DNA, spirituality, the nature of reality and our planetary travels provide the primary inspiration for color, form and texture.”

We first featured them in 2006 and it’s time to take another look.

Lots of the featured artist links are out of date and a few accidentally dropped off the list. Thanks for helping me untangle this corner of the web. I’ll be updating the file every evening.

  • reply Meisha ,

    Mary and Lou Ann are fabulous…definitely a couple of my favorite artists.
    They have a unique design sensibility, and a wonderfully sophisticated color palette. I own a pair of their earrings, but would love to own more of their work.

    • reply Terry ,

      Thanks for featuring these two incredible artists. I am humbled!

      • reply Karen Woods ,

        I have an early ring by Mary and Lou Ann that I am still in love with! Now I want a necklace to go with it! Will look for them at the next ACC show with credit card in hand!

        • reply LaLa ,

          Brilliant designs in a soft colorful palette. Thank you for posting their work.

          • reply Beverlyjane ,

            I must say this has been my VERY FAVORITE profile of polymer clay artists to date. I totally love their work. Every piece is exquisite and I would be one happy camper to wear any one of them. WONDERFUL artists.

            • reply Susan ,

              I must echo Beverlyjane – Mary and Lou Ann design unique and beautiful jewellery, making their profile my favourite in a very distinguished field. Many thanks for introducing me to their fabulous work.

              • reply JeannieK ,

                Again, I was not able to get into their site. It must be from my end. Since I’m in the health and fitness field, so this is very intriquing to me

                • reply Tina - CreatedWithFire Studio ,

                  Love “the list” as well as this artist, now I have so many wonderful artist pages to view while doing the day time job lunch thing ! Thanks again !

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