Guitton’s collections

I’m still finding bugs in the code as well as gems like this series of polymer insects from Franscoise Guitton.

Her creatures are wonderfully complex and dressed in colorful French finery. Two other framed collections of fashions and chocolates/cocktails give cohesion to her work and her vision.

Every evening I upload a revised version of the featured artists links page. Thanks for your help with the corrections.

  • reply Margit Böhmer ,

    What an outstanding and intriguing kind to work with polymer clay, thank you for posting this fascinating site and a big compliment to the artist

    • reply Karen McGovern ,

      Absolutely amazed with the insects. What a fantastic artist! Thanks so much for sharing.

      • reply Susan Turney ,

        • reply jan montarsi ,

          How talented & creative , I love seeing work with a flair and style all it’s own- something that you will recognize in their work for years to come.

          • reply Sandra K ,

            I love the bugs but the fashionable birds are even better! Thanks for finding these little gems.

            • reply HeatherP ,

              The bugs are very intricate but when I went to her website I was drawn to the fashionista dolls and the birds in boots hilarious!! These deserves another mention in the near future. Very inspiring and truly unique work- kudos to the Guitton!!

              • reply JeannieK ,

                I wasn’t able to navagate her site, but this bug is so intricate.

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