Cracking the opalescence code

Liz Hall’s mosaic brass bangles jangle against each other and sing with shimmering color. Small iridescent pieces of polymer butt against each other with a devil-may-care attitude that’s punctuated by black and white stripes.

Liz has been working to create opalescence in polymer and it looks to me like she’s cracked the code. Wander through her Etsy shop and you’ll see her very believable results.

  • reply claire maunsell ,

    How wonderful to wake up to these exquisite small ‘moments’ all arranged in such wonderful work. I loved looking through her stuff, got me thinking…

    • reply ashley ,

      wow they are beautiful! The colours are wounderful and the small detail is great!

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        Such beautiful, visually appealing and unique designs executed with consummate skill and care!

        • reply Janie Zetsch ,

          I adore Liz’s work in polymer and metal clay! So nice to see these new works.

          • reply Liz Hall ,

            Thank you so much Cynthia for featuring my work on PCD what a thrill to wake up to this morning!

            I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with PC the last few months. With my beloved silver metal clay prices so high at the moment it makes it impossible to just play with the materials. PC has given me the freedom to just go crazy. Not all of my experiments have been successful but when they are it is so exciting and really gets my creative juices flowing! I have a few more experiments coming along and I’m so happy to have taken up the PC the possibilities are endless!

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

              Wow, I LOVE those bangles — really a lot! (I’m bummed that I don’t wear bracelets, now!) My colors, my “glitz” — yum!

              • reply PJ ,

                Amazingly beautiful! Looks like inlaid opals! I can’t stop looking at them. . . .

                • reply JeannieK ,

                  These remind me of my bangles I make with friendly plastic. I can’t imagine how she “cracked the code” and was able to achieve this with polymer clay. She’s brillant.

                  • reply Kathy ,

                    Liz, I am a huge fan of yours and love the detail in every item you design. Front and back, inside and outside, your work is in a class of its own!

                    • reply Susan O'Neill1 ,

                      I usually recognize Liz’s pieces whenever I encounter them. After a second look at these bangle beauties, to my eye, the black and white striped elements that Cynthia mentioned serve as the distinctive sterling “gear edges” which are a Hall-mark 🙂 in her other pieces.

                      Great stuff, Liz!

                      • reply Lupe Meter ,

                        Beautiful bangles…stunning work!

                        • reply David ,

                          I finally met Liz in person during the holiday craft season. She’s wonderful. And her work is just awesome – with a style uniquely hers. Every piece demands being picked up, examined and admired.

                          Great work!

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