Big moon and Supernova

This Galaxy bracelet and Supernova pendant are from Austria’s Izabela Nowak. They’re updated, upscale polymer versions of the familiar rolled paper beads which were such fun to make. She calls it the spiral up technique.

Monday meanderings

In case you missed the weekend’s big moon, enjoy this Michigan version from polymer artist/photographer Babs Young.

The pictures and reviews from the UK’s first Polymer Pamper Play weekend make it an event you’ll want to pencil on your calendar for next year. Who couldn’t use a little pampering along with their play?

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    Different and interesting spiral beads… love the moon on Torch Lake, it is beautiful.

    • reply Gerry ,

      Thank you for the link–I’m glad you enjoyed the moon over Torch Lake. Now I have to go look at that Fishy Art . . .

      • reply Heidi ,

        Enjoyed seeing the photos from the UK PPP weekend….looked like great fun. I was pleased to see someone wearing Swarovski that goes with Wellies, but I didn’t see any pictures of tits? (Binoculars, and birds, for the unitiated.)

        • reply Meisha ,

          Very fun execution. I’ve also been playing with the same technique for rolling beads (like I used to do as a kid with magazines). I love how you’ve incorporated them into such fun pieces. Bravo.

          • reply Babs Young ,

            Thanks for the post. I love these little Supernova’s.

            • reply Cara ,

              Having been at PPP I would highly recommend it, a totally blissful weekend!

              Love the spiral beads!

              • reply ?arovni?ka ,

                this is crazy … wonderful crazy ..

                • reply Janice ,

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