Cane, layer, texture, repeat

These polymer pendants from France’s Cathy (dumauvobleu) are intensely caned, collaged and textured. Balancing colors and patterns takes skill and patience. Cathy must have her dot technique down to a rapid fire rat-ta-tat-tat because her Flickr pages are full of patterns riddled with texturing.

In the mood for spring? Take a look.

Vacation Update

Who knew that a 3-hour time change could wreak such sleeping/waking havoc? Surely I’ll feel awake tomorrow!

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    Love her stuff! Lots of interesting details for sure! Have fun after you get rested and are in the zone!

    • reply Donna Greenberg ,

      I could get lost in these little worlds for hours.Theu are small but mighty!

      • reply Kristi Bowman ,

        Amazing work, I’d love to purchase some but her shop is empty. Does Cathy sell these beauties?

        • reply Loretta ,

          As a teacher, I’m always talking about “finding your own voice” that you need to express your ideas in a unique and personal way. Cathy has got that down!!
          great job.

          • reply Janie ,

            Cathy’s work is awesome. The detail in some of her pendants is incredible!

            • reply Suzy Peabody ,

              I love the way you manage to keep this site so fresh. day after day i’m impressed by that. this is the first site i read each morning.

              • reply Kellie Robinson ,

                I was lucky enough to discover a shop here in Alaska carrying her pendants and I treasure the one I purchased. Lots of textures and patterns done in a beautifully balanced way. I agree that Cathy has indeed found her own voice!

                • reply Seth L Savarick ,

                  Well come to the west coast Cynthia. Your right how three little hours can wreak havoc on your sleep. Have a great time on your vacation!!!!

                  • reply ladee ,

                    That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. If I should ever be so talented.

                    • reply Dede Leupold ,

                      I am constantly amazed at the new and different ideas that come up with polymer clay. Cathy’s work is wonderfully detailed, it gives me a thrill to look at!

                      • reply Mimi-Pinson ,

                        Une mise à l’honneur bien méritée!Congratulations!
                        See you later!

                        • reply Ms Muffin ,

                          Thanks for the link – this is AMAZING!!!!

                          • reply suzanne ,

                            i just love the way Cathy works with so
                            much detail and her sense of color is oh so beautiful!
                            thanks Cynthya for presenting so many different interesting
                            artists. so much to learn from them!

                            • reply Anne P. ,

                              Le bijou exposé ici mérite amplement qu’on le remarque !
                              Un grand bravo à toi, Cathy, pour cette mise à l’honneur très méritée !
                              Anne (Le bruit des vagues)

                              • reply Kat Bennett ,

                                I just found you and am so totally impressed, awed, stunned with the work here. I had NO idea clay could be so beautiful! As an artist, shape and color catch my eye every time, and your work certainly did that! Each piece has balance, grace, and tone. Thank you for sharing. I will be reading the rest of your blog today in dialysis.

                                • reply holly hall ,

                                  love this site.

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