Micromosaics and metal clay

Just in time for Easter, Cindy Silas finished her micromosaic from our recent class with Cynthia Toops. Cindy’s leaping bunny is set in a metal clay bezel that she textured with photopolymer plates.

Here’s the in-progress shot in case you missed it. Baked, splinter-sized pieces of rolled polymer are set into unbaked clay, a tedious but meditative process.

I’m leaping to the west coast today for a vacation. If you see beach pebbles and sea glass creeping into PCDaily posts, you’ll know why.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Meticulous patience sure paid off in this lovely and appealing Easter Bunny piece and the bezel is the perfect setting to frame it.

    Cynthia, Hope you have a wonderful trip and perfect weather for your sea glass and beach pebble vacation.

    • reply Korrina Robinson ,

      What a pretty piece! Cindy did a wonderful job with her colors!

      People have asked me how I can stand to put 20+ hours into a mosaic of 7,000+ pieces that only measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches. “It must be so tedious.” Thank you for providing me with a word to describe the experience. From now on, I will tell them, “It’s not tedious at all, it’s meditative.”

      • reply Jackie ,

        What a pretty piece I love the blend of colours. Patience surely, but what a wonderful result!

        • reply Eva ,

          What a beautiful work, i do love Cindy bezels and this pattern is so cooool!
          Remind me how i loved to make micromosa├»c and how difficult it is to get bezels matching/suiting so long/intensive/meditative(maybe) and exciting(sure!!!) work…
          Bravo and thank you Cynthia,I dream to begin again a micromosa├»c…

          • reply Cindy Silas ,

            Thank you for showing my finished brooch Cynthia, and thanks to everyone for your compliments.

            I want to second that it was a very meditative process and always fun to work with so many colors.

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