Royal couple, polymer style

Joan Israel’s vision of the royal couple may not match those in the news headlines but her 17″ polymer cane slice covered bottles have a very regal air. She’s been on a bottle jag that’s fun to study. My favorite is her scotch bottle.

We looked at Joan’s painting-by-the-slice creations earlier this year and she’s added tons of work to her Flickr site in the meanwhile. I can’t imagine the stash of canes required for this body of work!

Have your royals ready for Friday’s events!





  • reply Lyn ,

    Those bottles are gorgeous! What an idea to focus on the royal couple and have it ready for the wedding! I am going to be proactive like that some day.
    Thanks….thanks…thanks! ~~Lyn

    • reply Ronna ,

      These are delightful and joyful and fabulous. Be sure to visit her Flickr site. Some of her painting-by-the-slice creations had me gasping and grinning. Love it. Thanks, Cynthia.

      • reply carissa ,

        What lovely and bright creations for such a dull and dreary Ohio spring morning…. thank you!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          Oh WOW! The combination of colors, design elements, and textures are visually so appealing and the final outcome of the completed royal couple is just spectacular!

          • reply Susan Detwiler ,

            Wow! Those are simply stunning. What a lot of work must have went into those! I don’t think I’d have the patience!

            • reply sandy ,

              WOW! I am in total awe and inspired to see such beautiful applications for canes! Her FlickR site is amazing!

              • reply suzanne ,

                yes, i visited Jaoa’s Flickr site recently and sat open mouthed to see
                all her wonderful and funny creations.

                • reply Laura G ,

                  Did you run out of bottles yet? I have more for you. These are wonderful visions. I, too, love the floating “hot” colors against black in that series. They are very calming yet a bounchy visual treat. Here’s to the next 200 polymer
                  people “hidden” in your bottles that you’ll coax to life.

                  • reply Erica ,

                    Woah this is so cool!! It looks so good!!


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