Melanie West has revived her appetite for beads. She’s added a hole and modified the shapes of her squid, cicada and cephalopods that usually become bangles.

The new creations retain her unmistakeable undersea aesthetic.

Explaining her “two steps back” approach, Melanine says, “I have found that sometimes going back to a form that comes easy (i.e., simple round balls with holes in them) helps coax out a sleeping muse.”

And speaking of muses, we’ll post the winner of the “Creative Sparks” giveaway here this afternoon.

  • reply Marian Hertzog ,

    These are really cool!

    • reply Heidi ,

      I love Melanie’s work….so yummy and organic. She’s definitely very high on my “I wish I could clay like her” list.

      • reply Pauli ,

        I completely agree with Melanie, going back to making simple beads is really inspiring!

        • reply Ponsawan ,

          I am a big fan of Melanie. I actually study the way she put colors together 🙂 Love it.

          • reply Sheri L. Williamson ,

            So exciting to see Melanie back in the studio again! I can’t wait to see what direction her work takes after her “backstep.”

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