Karin Noyes’ website shows only a one frustratingly small picture of her polymer bowls created from cane slices pressed together over a form. Working out of her studio in northwest Connecticut, Karin has sold these bright quilt-like creations at ACC shows since 2002 but her online exposure remained minimal.

What a treat to find a selection of her bowls on Etsy! Sized between 4″ and 6″ in diameter, her bowls are featured as part of the Harvest Gold Gallery’s Etsy offerings. This one features a back-to-school theme. She offers a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns, mixing large and small caned images.

You can see how Karin’s knitting, quilting and rosemaling experience finds its way into polymer work. Her resume gives you a snapshot of her colorful past. Thanks to Elaine Robitalle whose CraftGossip post that led me to this new stash.

  • reply Lisa Mackin ,

    I’ve seen Karin”s work at Craft Boston – absolutely masterful! And she seems as bright and vibrant a person as well!

    • reply Beverly Jane ,

      Oh how much fun this was. Their Etsy Shops are fantastic and I see many things that would make wonderful gifts. I will have to keep my eye on their sites. Thank you so much for the lovely tours.

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