Rossella Puoti (clayartitalia) gives tried and true polymer techniques an Italian twist and tops them off with a glamorous presentation.

This bold treatment of extruded strings of polymer looks dramatic on the runway. See more fashionable photos on Rossella’s Facebook page.

If seeing polymer in the spotlight thrills you, you won’t want to miss the first ever museum exhibit and symposium at the Racine Art Museum. Registration for the October 21 gala weekend is open and online here.

Have a glamorous weekend.

  • reply Norma ,

    Very organic. Beautiful work and website!

    • reply Loretta ,

      Holy Guacamole! This is scrumptious! I can’t wait to see where she takes this idea.

      • reply Ronna ,

        Way cool. While you’re on her site, check out her scarves. Mama mia!

        • reply Triche Osborne ,

          What extraordinary work—the pod and tatter cluster necklaces, especially so.

          • reply Kit Lockwood ,

            I can rarely afford to attend such things, BUT, by God, I’m going to Racine the first weekend in November and I’m SO excited. I used to live in California and this would have been too far away, but now I live in Illinois! Happy coincidence! I’ve followed so many of these artists online and in publications over the years and it thrills me no end that I’m going to see their work in person. Thank you, Cynthia, for thoughfully searching and selecting among all you find in the polymer community to bring us into what is possible. Polymer Clay Daily is one of the highlights of my day.

            • reply Sandra Davis ,

              Cynthia! I’m happy with your website. I’n learnning a lot of techniques.
              Thanks you, Sandra

              • reply Barbara ,

                I can’t get the links to open, and I really want to see more!

                • reply Linda Amundson ,

                  Just an FYI, the Menghi Museum in San Diego CA had an exhibit of polymer clay jewelry for the past 4 or 5 months. It was fantastic to see our work in a fabulous museum. I hope there are a lot more opportunies to shine a spotlight on our art.
                  Thanks for your fabulous blog/ site/ stuidio and workshops on line. I love seeing and being inspired by artists from around the world.

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